We Are All Confederates Now

The crowd in Columbia, South Carolina cheered today as the Confederate flag was taken down. But you have to wonder: how many of those cheering people were wearing clothes made by Asian slave-children? Most of them, probably.

Sorry to rain on your Confederate-flag taking-down party, but the hard truth is that the South has already risen again. Dixie’s slave-labor ideology has not been eliminated; in fact, it has been raised to the status of a holy-sacrament for the entire nation with cheap-labor being the beating heart of record corporate profits.

Arkansas’ Bill Clinton was the chief political operative who made David Rockefeller’s “free trade” cheap-labor dream come true. And it was Arkansas’ Walmart that pressured Congress to pass Clinton’s NAFTA. Speaking of which, you have to wonder: was the wealth-disparity between southern “planters” and their chattel slaves greater than that of the Walton Family and their Walmart wage-slaves? Maybe not. Slaves may have not been paid anything, but they were fed and housed, while many Walmart workers aren’t paid enough to afford food and must rely on food stamps

Arkansas was also one of the first states to adopt the union-busting, wage-suppressing “Right to Work” law. And in recent years, right-to-work has actually conquered three northern states: Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

America’s middle class has been mauled by Confederate ideology, and this nation is hurtling backward toward a fascist slave-state with shocking momentum.

But it gets worse.

At The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, CFR member and Fox News contributor Mallory Factor teaches cadets that “labor is a commodity.” And of course, commodities can be bought and sold, and disposed of at will, since they are your property. Sort of like slaves were. However, workers are not lumps of bauxite; they are people raising families, and some of their children will grow up to join the military and fight and die for this nation. So no, I don’t believe that Factor’s explicit fascist ideology should be taught to our future military leaders.

To read more about working conditions in the South, see this piece by Michael Lind. Here’s a quote:

“The Southern strategy of attracting foreign investment from New York, London and other centers of capital depends on having a local Southern workforce that is forced to work at low wages by the absence of bargaining power.”

Monetary Policy has no Effect on Wages in a Slave Society

Imagine that you are Fed chairman in 1830, and at an FOMC meeting you ask the committee: “how can we adjust our policy levers here at the central bank to get a wage boost for the slaves down south?” What would happen? Your fellow fed-heads would probably look at you like you were insane. Then they would offer suggestions, trying not to giggle in the process.

In the future, a big milestone in the march toward a fascist slave-state will go into the history books when Congress formally relieves the Fed of its mandate to strive for full employment. Perhaps this will be done in the aftermath of a global financial catastrophe caused by the Fed pumping absurd amounts of liquidity into the global financial system.

This is inevitable because with the ever-expanding policies of free-trade and mass-immigration, what is left of the USA’s economic boarders are rapidly melting away. And that’s why the wage data is still punk after trillions of stimulus from the Fed: wages in the formerly-sovereign USA cannot rise until after wages rise in the “Mexico” and “China” and “India” regions of the neoliberal global empire.

It’s pretty obvious that the Fed, and the ECB, have succeeded only in creating massive distortions in global financial markets (such as negative rates on German bunds). Perhaps this is why Janet Yellen is so hesitant to make even a teensy quarter-point rate hike: she knows that she will have to engineer the mother of all soft-landings. The path of least resistance for her would be to keep rates at zero until a rise in inflation forces her hand. Once the CYA is in place, she can blow up the world.

If David Rockefeller and his neoliberal oligarchy were competent, they would have removed the Fed’s full-employment mandate long before they reached their goal of commoditizing global labor at a wage-rate of $2 per hour. But they are anything but competent, and the 2008 financial crisis was only a small taste of the havoc they will wreak upon this nation.

Godspeed Janet Yellen, Godspeed.

Slave-Labor Meme Gains Steam

Almost two years ago, I created a “slave labor” category on this blog, and wrote the first post in that category: “Caught Slaving – Again.” Since then, I have been crusading against the return to a slave-labor based economy – pretty much a one-man crusade. So, I was shocked to see slave labor discussed on CNBC, of all places, on Friday’s episode of The Kudlow Report. And it wasn’t a Democratic pundit who brought it up; it was Republican Ann Coulter. And she also brought an argument that you normally only hear from Democrats: that “welfare” programs like food stamps are really a subsidy to companies that employ workers at slave-labor wages. For example, near the end of the video below, she says:

“I’m subsidizing the cheap businessman’s cheap labor.”

Coulter also thinks that the 14% jump in young black men voting for Romney is because of his tough position on immigration. I have outlined in red the polling data from Pew Research:


As far as I can tell, nobody really knows why so many young black men ditched Obama. However, it is indeed possible that Coulter is correct, and blacks are becoming increasingly aware that their high unemployment rate is due to mass immigration. I’m sure that Romney personally fired many African-Americans as he was shipping jobs to China en-masse during his long destroying-America career, but there was more noise about his immigration position during the debates, what with “self-deportation” and all. So, it is indeed plausible that that is the reason why those black men switched parties. They just want their jobs back, and Obama has not delivered, but rather has made things worse.

Of course, we don’t want to give too much credit to Coulter, because like she said in the video, under the “right” circumstances she would erase the USA’s borders just as eagerly as Kudlow and Norquist would. And the minimum wage; and child-labor laws, etc. However, if subsequent research finds that blacks do indeed want an end to mass immigration, the Republicans might seize the opportunity to steal the black vote from the Democrats.

And then the “Party of Lincoln” would have come full circle. The Republican Party was formed to end slavery, and that’s exactly what their first president, Abraham Lincoln, did. However, in recent decades, the Republicans have pulverized the black community under the globalist, neoliberal “leadership” of David Rockefeller. Their jobs have been sent abroad, and what few remained have been taken over by a massive wave of immigration – all in the name of cheap labor.

It’s hard to believe that the Republicans would once again fight against slavery, but I don’t see the Democrats racing to do it. In fact, I see even the labor unions agreeing to a larger tidal wave of immigration. And it might be the only way for the Republican Party to survive, because as we saw in 2012, Asians and Latinos are running away from them.

Today, all three major political factions are neoliberal: Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians. But as the Urban Intifada intensifies, it is very possible that the first party to turn against neoliberalism will be the party that carries the day in the future. Neoliberalism is the cancer just waiting for a political party to come along and win glory by excising it.

Roll the Tanks!

Is it just me, or is Larry Kudlow eager to drive tanks over Chinese workers?

At the 1:05 mark of the video below, Kudlow asks his guest:

“At what point, if these internal company riots continue, does the Chinese government crack down with Tienanmen Two, or 2.0, or 3, or whatever? At what point does the Chinese government crack down?”

What kind of person is a Tienanmen Square Massacre fan?

And Kudlow seems to yearn for a whole series of massacres. Using a software nomenclature, “2.0”, implies that Kudlow is yearning for improved massacre methods. Like a giddy fan boy, he’s drooling over the prospect of sexy new slaughtering methods. Maybe the tanks will have special “gore scoopers” to clear away bodies more efficiently. Maybe the tanks will come in multiple colors. OMG! I can’t wait! I will stand in line all night!

The funny thing is that at the time, we didn’t even know what caused the riot. Today, DigiTimes reported:

“Foxconn said it will also ensure its duties relating to employee welfare are implemented and it will make over-time payments as promised.”

Looks like those workers had a good reason to riot after all.

Note to Kudlow: What do you have to say about that? Or do you condone the practice of “wage theft”?

DigiTimes also reported that Foxconn will “strengthen their patrols” and “work to pacifying their subordinates.”

Has Donald Rumsfeld been appointed CEO of Foxconn?

And no, the multinationals will not pull production out of China. They have the same attitude that Kudlow does: militarized production is a feature, not a bug.

Caught Slaving – Again, Part 2

The New York Times reports that Chinese students are being forced to work as “interns” on Foxconn assembly lines. Said one student:

“The university told us it’s a good way to experience corporate culture,” a 19-year-old student told China Daily newspaper. “Even though many of my classmates are reluctant to go to Foxconn, our teachers still asked us to work there starting in August.”

Ironically, what the kid said is all too true: it is indeed a good way to experience multinational culture.

What ever happened to the America that prided itself on abolishing slavery?