Sympathy for ISIS on the Joe Rogan Podcast

It takes a special kind of crazy to express sympathy for the terrorists of ISIS, but “crazy” is what Abby Martin does best. Here is what she said on the Joe Rogan podcast:

“Now we just kill ISIS in mass, and no one questions it at all.”

Here is the audio:

      Abby Martin on Joe Rogan Podcast

And no, the context doesn’t make it all better. Go to the full podcast (#950) and start listening at the 2:18:40 mark.

Rogan didn’t push back, and let Martin’s comment stand. He did not issue an apology in subsequent episodes of his podcast.

This podcast was about a month before the ISIS attack on the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

I think that Martin’s comments are significant because it is rare to hear people in our media rooting for ISIS. Not even the most left-wing maniacs go that far. I can only think of one other such person, but he is obscure; not a former host on Russia Today like Martin.

With 30 million downloads per month, Rogan might have a larger audience than CNN or Fox News, so it’s important that such podcasts come under an equal level of scrutiny.