Read it Here First – Read it Again on Zero Edge

Back on October 10, 2012 I wrote Federal Government Survival Guide. And yesterday, Zero Edge posted a copycat piece: The Rise Of America’s Lunatic Fringe.

Moral of the story: if you want three-month-old memes, Zero Edge is the website for you.

Note to “Tyler Durden”: you may want to staff-up on plagiarizers; I am about to unleash a tidal wave of fresh memes.

Tonight! On Zero Hedge TV!

Zero Hedgers dig spider holes in their backyards!

“When survival’s the goal, it’s into the spider hole!”

Doomsday Preppers – Tuesdays at 5pm Eastern on the National Geographic channel.

The guy in this picture blew half his thumb off in episode #3:

We’re going to need a whole new health-care program to treat these people. It will be called “Zero Care” and be funded by egregious taxes on prepper supplies.

What Happens when Millions of Idiots Read Zero Hedge?

They turn into preppers, that’s what. And start building houses out of shipping containers, learning how to cook skunks, and planning for when Texas moves to the North Pole via extreme tectonic plate shifting.

While our Asian rivals build their civilizations, we prepare to fight each other over caches of canned food. Such is the leadership of “Tyler Durden”.

Here’s a clip from National Geographic’s TV show “Doomsday Preppers“:

From what I can see, the bulk (ha, ha) of these preppers seem to be preparing for food shortages by storing massive amounts of calories inside of their bodies. It’s a great plan – as long as you’ve got the “home production of insulin” thing down pat.

I toyed with the idea of starting a prepper movement in my neighborhood – 35 years ago. I had been reading too much Howard Ruff, the “Tyler Durden” of that era. There’s nothing new under the sun.