Food Stamps Charts

These charts show the number of Americans receiving food stamps as reported by the United States Department of Agriculture. As of the latest data released on August 4, 2017 the total is 41.5 million, which is more than the entire populations of many large nations.

The first chart shows monthly totals over the last several years (click charts to enlarge):

The second chart shows annual totals back to 1975:

Note: The chart above is the average size of the food-stamp population over the year.

The next chart shows the number of people added to the food-stamps program each month:

The jump in September 2012 was due to Hurricane Isaac.

The spike in May 2011 was due to a surge in Alabama after an historic onslaught of giant tornadoes devastated the state. According to the USDA, about 1 million disaster victims from several states were added to the rolls.

The next chart compares our food-stamp population to the total populations of selected nations:


The next chart shows the percentage of Americans on food stamps (using FRED’s “POP” data series):

The next chart shows the monthly amount paid to recipients. Starting from $6.63 in 1969, the amount has risen steadily, primarily due to inflation. However, the amount has dropped a bit since the peak in 2011:

The next chart shows the total annual benefits paid out. At $66.6 billion in fiscal 2016, this is a major program:

A program with this many participants incurs huge administrative costs: $4.37 billion in 2016 – and that is only the federal government’s share. In addition, each state spends money to administer their end of the operation. The chart shows only federal expenses:

The next chart shows the breakdown of participants by race (see table A.21 of this USDA report):

The next chart shows the number of individuals added to, or subtracted from, the food stamp rolls highlighted by presidential administration:

The next chart shows the numerical totals for each president. Keep in mind that not all presidents were in office for the same number of years:

When China was admitted to the World Trade Organization in 2001, tariffs were lowered, and it became very profitable for American companies to relocate production to China’s sweatshops. Millions of American jobs were lost, and those former workers have piled up on the food-stamp rolls:


And while we have been offshoring jobs, we have been following a policy of mass immigration, bringing in about 1 million legal immigrants per year. It is painfully obvious that our economy has not been able to generate enough jobs for this massive increase in population, and widespread poverty is the result:


Our policies of offshoring and mass-immigration have been supported by both Republicans and Democrats for decades. Obama continued both full-steam ahead – even though they pulverized the African-American community. Not that he had a choice. American presidents are only minor functionaries of the Oligarchy that runs this country. To learn more, see my book Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy.

UPDATE: In August of 2016, WikiLeaks released hacked emails from billionaire George Soros where he gave marching orders to President Obama to admit more migrants to the USA (among other things). So, I was right when I wrote the paragraph above several years prior.

UPDATE: After making many promises during the campaign, President Trump has done nothing to remedy this situation. Both mass-immigration, and the offshoring of jobs are going full-steam ahead.

Read more:

But Aren’t Food-Stamp Recipients Just Lazy?
Many people make the argument that this is not an economic issue, but rather a moral issue; that people in the food-stamps program are just lazy. But that argument is easy to refute; unless you want to credit the giant spike in unemployment in 2008 to an outbreak of laziness.

Note: The numbers for Presidents Bush (43) and Obama are higher than they otherwise would have been because the government started to use food stamps for disaster relief starting in 2005 for Hurricane Katrina.

Note: The annual totals used above are based on the federal government’s fiscal year, which begins in October.

Note: States are allowed to deny food stamps to convicted felons. Different states have different policies, however it doesn’t effect their expenditures either way since the USDA pays for all food stamps.

Note: The USDA reports monthly food-stamp data with a two-month delay.

Note: The March 2012 numbers are slightly elevated due to disaster relief for windstorms that occurred in February and March 2012. However, the USDA did not give exact numbers, possibly because “congregate feeding” methods were used.

Note: The Obama Administration loosened the ABAWD (able-bodied adults without dependents) requirements. So, that accounts for a small portion of the increase in food-stamp usage. This action was similar to extending unemployment benefits due to the poor job market. See this report from the Congressional Research Service for more information.

Note: See this page for the history of the food-stamp/SNAP program.

Note to bloggers: You may use any of the charts on this page on your blog as long as you include a link to this page. No hot-linking please.

The USDA releases updated food-stamp data each month.

Last update: August 4, 2017
Next update: early September, 2017

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  1. I crunched the demographic numbers at the US Census. While most food stamp recipients are White 63.7% and only 12.2% Black, when compared to the entire demographic, only 7% Whites are on food stamps and 24% Blacks are on food stamps. Further, your chart of the dramatic increase in the last 3 years, clearly shows that “Obama is the Food Stamp President”.

    1. Not so fast my friend…
      you said….
      “While most food stamp recipients are White 63.7% and only 12.2% Black, when compared to the entire demographic, only 7% Whites are on food stamps and 24% Blacks are on food stamps”

      I say…so what?? A handout is a handout……fact is more whites collect free stuff from the government than anyone else, and whites had a 500+ year head start thanks to U.S. laws, adverse conditions, and high level Arianism against you as much as any other minority.

      1. We are not 246 – we are 236 🙂 None the less much less than the 500. And in real terms we are considered a young country.

      2. So the “oppression” began the moment Columbus hit the beach? Sorry can’t blame me for crap that happened before I was born.

      3. Poor thing. White guilt got you. You’re not being blamed for anything. This is what you guys don’t get. Just because inequality is being talked about you are not being blamed. It’s not about you. It’s about privilege. Get over yourselves.

      4. Sometimes, it’s more about life choices than privilege. Some very rich, white people make poor life decisions and end up on food stamps. Don’t hate me because I’m white.

      5. Slow your roll. No one gives a care about you or your skin color. Don’t hate us cause our tan is free. Now I’m from Mississippi. I know plenty of white people that depend on us blacks to work whatever job we can to pay taxes and feed them. While their eating steaks I pay for. Next!!!

      6. Why do people always bring up the same ol argument when it comes to government benefits? The issue is not race people. There’s always a cause and an effect. The dip in the Clinton administration was due to the fact he cut people off and they fell off the books or went to prison. The money grab of the Bush administration and it’s continuation under the Obama administration depicts the continued separation of the top 1% and the rest of the country. But we still argue about who gets more ‘free’ stuff and the corporate subsidies are in the billions, wall street closes at a record number, yet people continue to recieve public assistance. What’s wrong with that picture? I thought the Bush tax cuts for business were suppose to create jobs and Obama’s push for health insurance was to help as well. Once again we are getting it run in us slow and we bicker about race…sheeple

      7. I agree completely. The race debate as well as cable-fueled Dem-Republican bickering is a distraction from the real problem, Wall St. wealth. Every Secy. of the Treasury under Bush, 2 Clinton terms, two G.W. Bush terms and now two Obama terms, came from Goldman Sachs…every president was either a Harvard or Yale grad, the pinchers in maintaining the Wall St. power. Economic populism is coming…Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, are canaries in the coal mine. I’m glad I made it to the 1% from coal miner parents, but sad my children and those in my neighborhood don’t have the same opportunity, let alone the 47,000,000 on the SNAP program.

      8. The Bush tax cuts helped me enormously. I’d say they worked great, in fact. Unemployment was at 4 to 5 % his whole 8 years! GDP was up double what it is now. Why people think the government can manage money better than people and people’s business’s is beyond me. The smaller the government the more money that will be in citizens and companies hands which how you get jobs and raises. Let’s add some more regulations and while the country’s GDP shrinks let’s grow government by 25% and give raises to all federal employees. Yeah that worked real well didn’t it. I say we shrink government by 50% and let people get back to work for themselves and not for people they have never met.

      9. In fact, unemployment was above 5% in 4 of Bush’s 8 years and economists point out that the 9.3% in 2009 occurred as a result of the deep recession that began under GW. Able-bodied food stamp (SNAP) recipients are required to work or be in a job training program, and those adults without dependents may only receive 3 months of SNAP benefits during any 3 year period, unless they are working in a qualifying job training program. That having been said, about 83% of SNAP benefits go to the 76% of recipient households with children, elderly or disabled individuals. The average benefit is $134/month, which is a might small incentive not to work. Indeed, most SNAP households have someone working, although the % is less now due to persistently high unemployment rates–particularly among those in poverty. If you think being poor is fun, try it yourself for a month. The House budget proposal retains many of the farm subsidy programs from which large farmers benefit, but cuts about $40 billion from the SNAP budget (over 10 years). This is so bad that even some Republicans are speaking out, like Gov. Kasich of Ohio on Tuesday: “I’m concerned about the fact there seems to be a war on the poor,…..”

      10. Those with common sense know that the majority race will have higher numbers in most statistics. So I agree, making comparisons because the majority race have the highest number of welfare cases & or (social security cases for seniors) which is considered another form of welfare is rediculous & a waist of time. Solves nothing, accomplishes nothing just another way for white & black folks to continue to trash each other. We should address real issues & solutions on things like Welfare Fraud, Disability Fraud, Workermans Compensation Fraud, Medical & Medicad Fraud predominantly by doctors & lawyers at the helm & of course the Illegals ability to apply for social services is just outrageous. Solutions to those issues should be the topic of discussion not about what race out numbers the other in cases.

      11. It’s interesting that “illegals” get brought into the mix, as soon as economic woes are talked about. This is more scapegoating moving the argument from black/white to citizen/non-citizen. Of those illegals that come in, they on average take low paying jobs that no one wants or cares to do. The vast majority of “legal” immigrants that come here are very well educated and are the ones competing for the high paying jobs and eeking out the domestic applicant for a job, because most Americans don’t have access to educational opportunities or upward mobility. Look at poverty rates, which hover around 20%, even accounting for immigration. People don’t realize the extent to which one to two generations ago, their parents were also immigrants, many of whom were also illegal. So-called illegal don’t qualify for many of the U.S. social safety nets, as many require proof of citizenship. Read documents and become informed. The issue of illegals is

      12. tyralynn most of what people talk about of this subject is just flatter for the air However when you lump Social Security in with welfare you’re talk’n out the other end of your body! People on welfare did not pay one dime into the system, as where Social security is an Insurance paid for the worker and their employer. In my case comes to about $500,000. of which I will not even exhust before my time, not to mention the interest the Gov. get’s to keep. I’m fine with all that but it sure in the hell ain’t some other form of welfare!!

      13. @ridehard2208

        You seem to have exaggerated a bit. I am assuming you are now an age of 66, paying into SS since you were age 18, i.e. 46 years, paid the maximum every year, and were self-employed the entire time, the maximum you personally could have paid into the OASI (Old Age and Survivors Insurance) portion of your payroll deductions is $260,792. The money greater than that went into the DI (disability) portion. Medicare adds another amount beyond that. If you were not self-employed, burt worked for wages and were laid off, your personal maximum would be half of that or $130, 396. The average percentage withheld for the OASI portion would be 10.44% or 5.22%.

      14. Please tell this to Nancy Pelosi. She just made the statement that 50% of food stamp recipients are black and making cuts to the program takes food out of the mouths of black children. From the statistics, it appears all races are affected and whites in larger numbers, unless the cuts are due to running the program more efficiently and cutting administrative costs which are excessively high.

      15. No. Honey. We shouldn’t be. We should be talking about the subsidies going to corporations that would cover the cost of these social safety net programs, quite easily. Costing us less in taxpayer outlet. Stop worrying about these pennies for the working poor and worry about the corporations with its mutli billion dollar profit generation and zero taxes.

      16. It’s a form of deception defined as “Misdirection” get a persons or a groups attention on one thing while unwittingly pushing another.The top 1% want us exactly where we are now (unconcerned with what got us here”GREED”)The hate game better known as racism is a tool they have used artfully,although as with all games it will come to an end.It’s clear to see that for some of us it’s going to be tragic,just the way that they want it.

      17. This is one of the best observations I’ve seen. We’re heading for a New World Order very quickly now. Obama’s socialist policies are instrumental. The Illuminati are so bold now there are various Facebook pages. The “white guilt” situation was always contrived. I’ve found numerous links with valid documented information proving whites were enslaved (usually called servitude yet adults and children were kidnapped) long before anyone from the African diaspora was brought to the New World. It was never about race but the spoils of war, greed, and arrogant aristocrats and elites who found indigent folk offensive. Also, the worst offenders were Arab nations and many still accept slavery and caste systems as a social norm today. Sadly, Pan African organizations around the globe won’t acknowledge these facts and are suing for “reparations.” They would never go after Islam for the millions of blacks forced to join their armies and become Muslim or die. Some men were castrated and become eunuchs and women and children forced into (often sexual)slavery or slaughtered. However, it’s much easier to go after what they perceive to be “soft white Christian nations” after whining perpetually about something that’s (historically) affected every nation. In light of these facts we should ask who REALLY has the “hand out” mentality among the races and who promoted it? I had this arugument on Facebook chat with an admin of a large group and shared links because I’m Scottish and along with the Irish they were oppressed since as far back as the days of the Picts and Albas. The stupid response was to suggest getting out own “reparations.” The “race wars” and in fact most wars have been cleverly contrived to cause dissention, strife and create dependency on leaders and the elite. The 1% is a reality and it all began shortly after the Crusades. Research the tie between Free Masonry, the Illuminati, the Rothschild’s and the Bilderberg Society and you will see the masses are simply obliging pawns in a terrifying game of life. We’re all dispensable to the super rich.

      18. So you mean to tell me that you’re gonna place all the blame on the black man… and not the idiot who was in office for eight years before him.. and the Other idiot before him… All politicians are full of shit and ARE BOUGHT to push forward the agenda. Secondly AMERICA benefited a lot more off of the slavery of Africans than any Muslim brotherhood so YES America SHOULD pay reparations for the rape and pillage that they’ve wrought.. not just to Black Americans but ALL disenfranchised Americans whose blood sweat and tears built this country… Next time use intelligence and put away bigotry as to not sound like a bleeding babbling fool!

      19. Well, it’s not exactly like whites were in any way under-privileged throughout the colonial period… But the point is ridiculous in any case. Even a single decade where a majority group is legally allowed to enslave a minority race may be enough to damage the plight of that group for a century. Whose to say? These are masturbatory generalizations, and it is impossible to speak precisely about such complex topics. The important point is whether or not a specific racial group has access to the same economic opportunities, societal attitudes, and legal support structures as another. Considering how the “war on drugs” mirrors and perpetuates Jim Crow stereotypes and treatment of blacks, I find it difficult to make the case that black civil rights have really progressed that much since the 60’s… at least not to the point where we can turn a blind eye to concerns of the black community and callously claim it’s due solely to a victim mentality.

      20. What do you mean that the war on drugs perpetuates Jim Crow stereotypes? Should we not have a war on drugs and let “crack and meth” completely destroy the black community? I don’t quite understand your point.

      21. I believe the writer of said statement is speaking mainly of drug sentencing guide lines…the way these guides run/ran was that when sentencing a drug dealer in court, people who sold 1 ounce of crack was disproportionately sentenced to longer prison terms than those who were sentenced for possessing 1 ounce of powder cocaine. Now we have to dig deeper into this fact to understand the Jim Crow remark. Who are the people to mainly deal with a cheaper for of cocaine and who are the people who would mainly deal with a more expensive form of cocaine in its powder form. It’s clear the implications when you add the two together.

      22. you know people keep saying there is a disparity in sentencing, and there is, but what people fail t o acknowledge is that the disparity comes from many of those blacks being multiple offenders.
        sure lots of whites get arrested, but they learnt heir lesson and the number of recidivists is lower than for blacks.

        stop making it about racism.

      23. Ahem, Meth is a white man’s drug. Meth is the white man’s crack. Don’t get it twisted. Blacks are not fond of Meth.

      24. Howard, let’s check out the central assumption behind your comment that if we stopped the war on poverty that “crack and meth” would “completely destroy the black community”. (and I don’t mean this to be an attack on you since I could guess over half of Americans would agree with you on this). The central assumption of your claim here seems to be:

        1. Black people are disproportionately addicts, meth-heads, and crack heads, and if we legalized drugs, they would instantly become addicts. Doesn’t that seem like a problematic place to begin with?

        Let’s brush aside the fact that meth is the drug of choice of white people and let’s just focus on “crack” and see where the numbers lead us.

        How do the economics of the drug trade work if the whole system is being driven by a demand for drugs by poor black people? (yes, “poor”, meaning they don’t have a lot of disposable income). Do you really think that it is poor Black people living in the ghetto who have enough money to support this massive amount money that goes into the drug trade? Who has that kind of disposable income to spend on drugs?

        I think Ron Paul had it right when in the 2007 Republican primaries, he said that one of the best things that could be done to the Black community is to legalize drugs. Rep. Paul recognizes that what is destroying Black communities isn’t drug use – it is the drug trade: “For instance, Blacks make up 14% of those who use drugs, yet 36 percent of those arrested are Blacks and it ends up that 63% of those who finally end up in prison are Blacks.”

        14% of those who use drugs! That is a revelation to most white people who imagine inner city black people to be “smokin the crack” rock every chance they get! (maybe we’ve all been listening to too much gangsta rap? and note that there is a similar distribution chain here – it ain’t the kids in the ghetto that made gangsta rap songs hit the top of the charts! (and it is the white kids in the suburbs with all their fascinations with black masculinity… and I could go on… having been one myself…).

        Rep. Paul rightly, to my mind, recognizes that if you legalize drugs, then you undermine the very support system of gangs in the inner-city (look at what the repeal of prohibition did to Capone and his ilk: gone in a generation).

        Just my two cents on this aspect of the problem. Whether or not this would do much to address the problem of food stamps is hard to say. But I suspect that it would be an important equalizer of poverty.

      25. Actually you may need a refresher in American History (as do many I’ve spoken with). We’re taught in school about the black slave trade, but we’re never taught about the white slaves that existed in the colonies as well.

        Ironically, the white slaves were of less value that the black slaves on the market, and as this was commonly known, they were ridiculed by black slaves because of it.

        “People from the British Isles were kidnapped, put in chains and crammed into ships that transported hundreds of them at a time. Their destination was Virginia Boston, New York, Barbados and the West Indies. The white slaves were treated the same or worse than the black slave. The white slave did not fetch a good price at the auction blocks. Bridenbaugh wrote in his accounting on page 118, having paid a bigger price for the Negro, the planters treated the black better than they did their “Christian” white servant. Even the Negroes recognized this and did not hesitate to show their contempt for those white men who, they could see, were worse off than themselves.”

        So while I understand this isn’t the forum for THIS particular type of discussion, before we start throwing “white’s have always had it easier than the blacks, even back before the nation was a nation”, let’s make sure we accurately representing the complete ugly history of this nation.

      26. Okay….I have to admit I have never heard about these mysterious white slaves but I do object to you claiming all WE complain about is how white folk have always had it easy. I complain about the blatant denial. I complain about the Superman complex that I get dumped on me just because I’m 6’6″ and American-American (Black) but I have been fortunate enough to come to the realization that I AM responsible for my life. That doesn’t mean I hang out with the POTUS. But you dang near have to be in synch with the way he grew up to avoid the pitfalls that WE face and that’s just the bottom line. You other folks have no clue what it is like to be a guy like me and although there is nothing wrong with speculation your IDEAS nor mine are not perfect….;0) Ha!!

      27. Don’t forget the prominent Blacks in America that owned slaves — BLACK SLAVES. So when someone says one dominant race enslaves another they need to look in the mirror because over history this enslavement of same race situation has happened over and over again. This is another of those unique facts of history in America that seems to have been lost or overlooked or intentionally left out!

      28. Actually, in the 1920-1940’s in Central Pa. indentured servants were used. Men had to work 14 years to “pay” for their trip to America and then send for their family. If they left the mines, they had a chance to live the dream-“if” then, they were moved to special segregated housing away from the new job

      29. AMEN! I’ve read about this recently and I’m a minority living in The Bahamas. It amazes me how much racism is “cloaked” in countries that were victims of colonization. Most in this region depend heavily on tourism yet (37 years of observation) many smiles conceal hearts full of bitterness and animosity because they feel it’s the nature of all Caucasians to be oppressive. I had cancer 12 years ago and went to the US with my husband for surgery and treatment. It has brought my family to it’s knees and we’re in foreclosure on a 20 year mortgage after 25 years. (Reparations?) There’s little sympathy for striving minorities here. When I see racist commentary on Facebook I fervently defend my position but most white Bahamians say nothing. Unlike the US and other first world democracies impoverished minorities here have no organization looking out for them concerned about their treatment or needs. In fact, the present governing party had a history of promoting divisiveness for the first 25 years after independence and many poor “grass roots” citizens drank the Kool-Aid and still follow them blindly. Indoctrination via the government operated TV station was instrumental in making it clear whites should never again be given opportunities because they were the enemy. I marveled at how we had to endure the airing of the Roots miniseries prior to every general election. Many young folk among the electorate now appreciate these elderly politicians only look out for themselves, their cronies and special interest groups that benefit them financially. Their mantra has always been; “Follow the money” and sadly popular opinion has been that white folks are always privileged.

      30. Any realisit discussion of poverty needs to address illigitimacy and single parenthood. Sorry, but there is a very high correlation between illigitamacy and poverty, and yes, Dan Quail was right. Unfortunately, the percentage of intact families continues to decline across most if not all demographics, but it is not uniform.

      31. Give me a break. There are all kinds of opportunities for the minorities to use to improve themselves. Look at Dr. Carlson, a black surgeon, who was one of a very large family in a poor section of Detroit. He availed himself of schooling at every opportunity he could get and became successful. Others include H. Cain, W. Williams, T. Sowell and thousands of other blacks. Our family was dirt poor with 5 children. Some of us didn’t know how to speak English until we started school. We had an outdoor toilet, no shower or bathtub and or clothes were hand me downs and had patches upon patches. We all are college graduates and earned our own money to attend. So don’t give me the excuse that the minorities don’t have a chance and that they can’t improve themselves unless the government gives them all their needs. It just isn’t true.

      32. Have you noticed the rising cost of college lately? Everyone can’t afford to go to college. If the government could enable those who want to better themselves the opportunity by providing opportunities that give them a hand up and not a hand out, you would see more productive minorities out there. For those who don’t want a hand up but a hand out, they have chosen their own fates. I would at least like the government to make up for it’s past transgressions toward minorities by giving the education grants so that they can improve their quality of life. Keep in mind that everyone would not even accept this. This is how you find out who is really a deadbeat and who is simply held back by circumstances.

      33. Fill out your FAFSA earlier. Grants are already provided for those that are in impoverish circumstances as well as some specifically made for those of different ethnicities. Also work harder in school and shoot for scholarships the opportunities are there, you simply have to work for it. Plus like the majority of us who go to school, there are federal loans with low interest rates I believe 20 to 25% of us have some sort of loans.

      34. Dumb ass comment by a pretentious grammatically challenged individual. A decade of slavery can cause a century of disparity in a population? Perhaps, but that is no way relevant to the reality of contemporary America. 80% of millionaires were first generation in the 1990s. That’s called social mobility, and it has nothing to do with inherited wealth. Regardless, the ultra wealthy are always the scape goat for the pillaging of the upper middle class by the apathetic, uneducated, entitled masses. Coporate welfare needs to stop, but so does the current welfare state. People should never be given something for nothing.

      35. Kevin,
        You nailed it. Taking personal responsibility is the missing virtue, More and more so. Funny how my 23-yer old nephew and I were brainstorming on the impact of career motivation on success of life.

      36. You sound like a Margaret Sanger ideologist. Why not add in the suggestion everyone over 60 (who can’t find work), folk with disabilities, others dealing with financial woes due to cancer or devastating illness and finally illegal migrants who sought a better existence should all be euthanized? Three cheers for the greedy 1% and cold heartless right wing conservatives. (I can’t possibly use the word Christian.)

      37. Go Susan! Rail against those who make derogatory blanket statements about who “receive something for nothing” but also espouse that “good Christian values” are what this country needs!

        I’m not against “good Christian values”, or any set of values that involves helping your neighbor in times of need, but let’s not denigrate people in need and simultaneously tout our own great capacity for compassion.

        We all have a responsibility to our society to educate ourselves about governmental policies and how they truly impact the nation’s ability to thrive. THEN VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE!

      38. Whites were slaves in the colonial period too Jose.

        Quick summary: Whites were captured during the war with UK or simply couldnt repay debts so had to work in the colonies. Many were freed after a certain period of servitude, 5 yrs was typical.

      39. Are you serious? I hope he never falls off the pedestal he appears to be on with a thump. God has a way of bringing us back to reality when we least expect it. Some of us call it karma. I can say this from experience so Jose is either young or bitter and mean spirited. I’m a Christian and will pray for those who don’t have compassion and love for all mankind, or understand the concept of “enough to live comfortably” is a blessing. I’m wondering if either of you ever read scripture.

      40. I guess you have forgotten that we have a black president. Seems like the events of 200 plus years ago, have not stopped people from electing a minority to the most important position in our country. What’s your excuse now?

      41. Although the “fact is more whites collect free stuff from the government than anyone else” is true, there are several times more whites than other groups. It is also true that poverty spares no race or ethnic group.

      42. That’s where people choose to provide stats in such a way that will aid their cause. If you want relational data, you have to put in on a level playing field (i.e. the % of per unit per group). That would show that “by unit”, the blacks are on welfare more than the whites. But if you just want to show an elementary number, then obviously by nature of the fact that there are far more whites than blacks in America, the numbers themselves would seem to illustrate the reverse.

        Per the 2010 census:
        223,553,265 “White or European American”
        38,929,319 “Black or African American”

        So let’s say (for ease of math) that 2,000,000 whites and 1,000,000 blacks were on food stamps. One could argue “well twice as many whites are on food stamps as blacks”, which would be a true statement (using those numbers).

        But if you are trying to compare the two (for whatever twisted, racist reason), then the data would have to be put on a “per unit” playing field, which would then say that 0.004% of whites were (per unit) and 0.05% of blacks (per unite) are.

        Again, I don’t quite understand the point of doing that (unless to push blame or create more divisiveness), but that would at least be “data accurate”.

      43. But Blacks are three times as likely to be unemployed than whites. Therefore, in my mind, Blacks are three times as likely to need government assistance. Yet, in my mind, they are only getting assistance at roughly 1.75 times what would be statistically justified.

      44. Sam,

        I only brought it up because it’s misleading for liberals to say without clarification that whites use 35.7% of food stamps. If you’re going to break it down by race at all, then you have to also break it down by segment. That’s only fair. Those who don’t want to do it that way, don’t want to because it messes up their message. It’s racism is what it is.

      45. The only useful reason to break down SNAP data on a “look at what percentage of the total population of ethnicity X is on SNAP” basis is if one is going to then say, “Ethnicity X’s percentage isn’t on par with the other ethnicities’ percentages. What’s wrong here and how can we fix it without causing more harm?” But most people who break it down that way don’t do that. They say, “Ethnicity X’s percentage isn’t on par with the other ethnicities’ percentages. They must be abusing the system!” Looking at the stark numbers on welfare drives those people up the wall because the stark numbers don’t allow for the racist BS.

      46. Quiet. Some of you guys just don’t want the True Face of welfare/food stamps to be white and to show just how targeted and misleading this was was. It was deliberate and meant to be hatefully divisive to keep the poor white and black from realizing what the upper class were up to as they divvied up the wealth.

      47. Dwayne relax, facts are facts, and one fact is the country isn’t even 500 years old no less the welfare program, but getting back to the point, the point is when you factor demographics yes there is a higher percentage of blacks on food stamps then whites. They’re statistcs, you can’t argue the math, but you can try to explain it.

      48. Dwayne,

        The fact that so many blacks as a percentage of their population are on food stamps is telling. It’s HIGHLY misleading to say that whites use 35.7% of food stamps without clarifying their percentage of the population. It makes total sense for whites, who are 72.4% of the population, to use 35.7% of food stamps.

      49. Believe it or not slavery has been practiced by white-run collectives on this continent for over 400 years at a cost of over 50 million black lives. Add another 30 million native lives.

      50. I hate to be the one to make a clarification. Check out who the first slave owner was in the colonies. His name was Anthony Johnson. He wasn’t white.
        His lawsuit against his neighbor was what started the slave trade. His lawsuit started slavery. If you’re going to mention history, please do some more research.

      51. I know this is old and I don’t know you, but why would anyone in their right mind try and make a point like this. Blaming??? Seriously?? Don’t get on the wrong side of things to make a fucking point.

        I am a white 39 year old woman who is raising a 4 year old son by myself. No one is whining or pointing fingers about slavery and who to blame. It was a horrible time for blacks and is was INEXCUSABLE behavior by ANYONE and EVERYONE that supported it. And unless you are a person who grew up black and oppressed , stfu.

      52. JLP, you are an idiot. If blacks are 12.5 % and Hispanics 13% of the population; how in the hell can white make up 72.46%? What happened to all the other race and ethnicities. Whites only make up about 50% of the country. And that number is quickly dwindling. You people will soon be the minority.

      53. MARISOL makes interesting correlation: the fewer whites there are, the more people on food stamps there are. I would assume Marisol’s goal is 100% people on food stamps (and thus, no whites???). Very tolerant indeed.

      54. He most likely got his stats from the 2010 census, which reported as such:

        White or European American 223,553,265 72.4 %
        Black or African American 38,929,319 12.6 %
        Asian 14,674,252 4.8 %
        American Indian or Alaska Native 2,932,248 0.9 %
        Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 540,013 0.2 %
        Some other race 19,107,368 6.2 %
        Two or more races 9,009,073 2.9 %

      55. Wow… “you people will soon be the majority”…..thats not racist.

        I’m tired of people hating on people. Republicans hating on Democrats, rich hating on poor, religous hating on non-religious, Whites hating on African Americans… and the reverse of all the above.

        I believe our country has changed alot over the years, but the hate clearly hasn’t, it’s just done in a different way. I give us an F for Diversity.

      56. 500 years? Your math is screwed up! My people (scotch-Irish) had those hardships for 500 years. Learn your history!!!

      57. Would you be better off if your ancestors were sent back to Africa or worse off? Can’t have it both ways.

      58. I think that both parties need to hold back a second. THe origin of food stamps is the reason for higher white receipts. You need to understand that when this program was founded it was put in place to help farmers make ends meet thru out the year. And since the vast majority of farmers were white….. This still continues today and that leads to the bump in the white recipients. Now if you break it down by location… it’s a totally different situation. However the situation is not race related. It’s situation related. Instead of the government trying to improve the low income neighborhoods and bringing jobs and security to them… they throw money at it.

      59. 500 + year head start due to US law? You do realize that the US is only like 240 years old, right?

      60. Yeah, and it’s not like millions of whites are discriminated against every day regarding college admissions (250 pts on SAT for being black) or hiring practices. Oh, wait a minute…

      61. She was just pointing out the data was wrong due to the difference in the amount people in each race. And sorry your statement is ignorent. All races had had the same a amount of time. The laws have changed drastically in asmall amount of time. One of the big problems is the fact look at statics is that more that 50% of crime is done by blacks even though they only are arround 12% of the population. And its allot harder to get a job with a criminal record. Also in general, the percent of blacks with education is low. These 2 stats force them to get on welfare. The biggest problems are the differences in culture and how we were raised.

      62. Dwayne, considering the USA is only 241 years old I think your stats are a bit skewed!!! While stats show whites receive more food stamps than any other race, lets show the percentage of the population by race then figure out the percentages!

    2. So much is being made of how the food stamp program has gone up during Obama’s presidency. The truth is that it started to go up while W was president.
      The reason is that it is designed to be counter-cyclical to the economy. In other words, OF COURSE FOOD STAMP USAGE GOES UP WHEN THE ECONOMY GOES DOWN. THAT’S WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO, WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO!
      We entered into the worst recession since the Great Depression 80 years ago, so naturally food stamp usage would be extremely high. Increases have plateaued and usage will go down as the economy improves. Relax people.

      1. Actually that’s a bit misleading as well…see former President Clinton left office in January 20, 2001. The budget he passed in 2000 carried through September of 2001, which was after the Y2K burst, and the IT bubble “implosion” which sent a host of millionaire IT speculators into the unemployment lines while we tried to figure out what was going to happen with our futures.

        That was our first (of several) bubbles, and caused the first bump in numbers, which is highlighted if you blow up this graph:

        and knowing that Clinton’s budget was in place for the first 3/4 of Bush’s first year in office, helps to show why this graph isn’t altogether “accurate”:

        See, it’s not like a President steps into office and everything from the former President is cast aside…they overlap.

      2. Are you saying that the federal budget specifies in advance how many people will be added to the food-stamp rolls? If so, do you have evidence to support that? It seems very unlikely since it is the states that control who gets foods stamps. And since states have to wait for people to apply for the program.

      3. Not at all.

        What I am saying is that the budget for 3/4 of 2001 was a deficit budget (which has nothing to do with how many people were on food stamps that year but does describe the environment of the time). There was a burst bubble in 2000, it’s impact quickly felt by many (myself included), and a tech market that went from 2000 to 5000 to 2000, all of which before W had even taken oath. The year upcoming (his first year in office) there was already a budgeted deficit in the works as a nation, and people were scouring around looking for something to do after our first massive bubble (though people say that he left with a surplus, not knowing that budgets transcend Presidents).

        People seem to mistakenly think that when Clinton left 1600 Penn Ave that that very day the economy took a dive as if there were supposedly billions in surplus that were flying about the WH, suddenly burned up by GW on day one of office.

        The fact that we had an uptick in 2001 was a result of events that took place prior to that but most would prefer to say that he started on Jan 20, 2001 so starting that day, anything that happens is “on him”.

        Honestly…I don’t really care one way or the other as I feel that both sides are really rather self-serving more than anything else, but the point is to illustrate to those that would speculate that the nation was roses on Jan 19 but armageddon on Jan 21 that that’s not REALLY the way government works.

    3. You can’t dispute the facts on one hand, and then try to use the facts on the other to prove your point. Anyway, it says that 35.7% are white, so you have your information wrong from the get-go. And if you scroll back through for the graph with the big red arrow on it, the graph clearly shows the food stamp population spiking after jobs started being outsourced. It’s as clear as can be, you just have to pay attention.

    4. How can President Obama be the “Food Stamp President”, when he didn’t even come up with it, Ex- President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) came up with it, because of the 1930’s Great Depression. I could care less about your demographics, FORGET THEM !!! They are all bad excuses for you trying to justify why so many whites are on welfare. White people have been getting free handouts for years. That’s why so many of them commit suicide when things don’t go their way. Blacks were never given a dam thing throughout history they had to fight for everything they got. Blacks have also lived their lives in survivor mode, while your white race skated through life simply, because their skin color was white. Accept the results that were given, there are more whites on food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, and etc…than blacks and every other minority.

      1. Here, Here Chace. Let us see who will be hurt if the Food Stamps are not issued at the end of Feb 2013. Fewer Blacks (I am not saying that there is not a need by Blacks for Food Stamps) will be hurt, but the farmers, stock market, school children/WIC, and economy will go down the drain. It will effect white Americans and immigrants that rely on welfare and food stamps. Try eating a bowl of Congressional non action…

    5. Let’s not forget who crashed the economy that put all those people on food stamps under Obama.

      Obama is stuck cleaning up Bush’s mess, and the obstructionist GOP congress hasn’t offered one jobs bill that would help the economy. They are doing all they can to keep our country down to hurt Obama.

      1. Five years down the road and still scapegoating Bush for Obama’s incompetence. Regardless, exactly what did Bush do that “crashed the economy”? You make the claim, now back it up!

      2. What makes Bush partly responsible for this recession is the so called Bush tax cuts, 2 non paid wars. Now the rest of the blame falls to the god damn idiots who elected representatives bot democrat and republican who allowed for sub prime mortgages to go wild for the last 30 years.

        Rich people are rich because they know how exploit the opportunities afford to us ALL in these great states. Don’t blame rich people and learn how to god damn vote for your interest. And you may also war to overturn citizens united sometime this century

    6. The only way to make Americans well to do is… Hit a hard reverse to all the actions inwhich got us into poverty instead of prosperity, close the gates, stop exporting jobs, stop buying China shit, build and buy American. If a American company wants to leave, bye. No sales in America. These companies want you to buy their products, but don’t want to give you a job. They get rich by America, but let you live in poverty. OVER immigration has killed the middle class and had driven down wages. Now if that drove down inflation that be great, but it doesn’t. AMERICANS get paid less then 10 years ago while inflation had soared. Inequality between the employers and employees has Soared, while profits have never been higher. The Economy has recovered for the wealthy, well to do, but hit reverse on American workers. This will not work for a economy or a civil society. IT WILL NOT WORK. Continuation will collapse the economy and civil unrest will prevail. The top can’t sustain a Economy by hoarding all the functioning assets, keeping it all to themselves. Irregardless, no one should have the power to destroy so many lives let alone a country. In which has been done. The Economy will never recover if the same path is followed, and it is at this time.

  2. I’d be careful about this “Obama” thing. Under George W. Bush, individuals on Food Stamps jumped 100%. DOUBLED!!!! So far, there’s continued to be big increase, but under Obama it’s been a 39% increase in a very nasty recession (when you’d expect an increase).

    1. Don’t play the percentage numbers game. A increase on a smaller number of people will be a higher percentage. If there was only 1 person collecting and the next month 2 people were collecting, that would be a 100% increase. An increase from 30 million to 45 million would be only 50%. Under Bush the chart showed a 6 million person increase from 10/06 to 1/09, under Obama there was a 14 million person increase from 1/09 to present (5/09).
      Why don’t you look at our national debt and unemployment figures and see how much they sky rocketed thanks to President Oblamer.

      1. You are ignoring the different context Presidents Bush and Obama began with and the economies they inherited. President Bush had Congresses controlled by his party for the first 6 years of his Presidency in which the filibuster was used relatively lightly by a much less aggressive opposition party. He inherited a surplus and followed an administration who had implemented policies that had succeeded in reducing welfare participation. So, you can quibble about percentage comparisons but then you should also not act like the two Presidents were dealing with the same situation.

      2. Bush did NOT “inherit a recession”. The recession of ’01 didn’t start until Sept ’01, that’s a full 9 months after he took office. Enough time for his policies to start effecting the economy. Of course, it you want to look at something that negatively impacted the economy before he took office, look at his statement the day after he was appointed President by the Supreme Court when he said we were already in a recession. It was a lie but it had 2 effects: 1) it lowered the perception of the economy so he wouldn’t be blamed when we did slide into a recession, and 2) the stock market had its 7th largest (at that time) single day drop the next day thus assuring a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      3. The NASDAQ peaked in March of 2000, nine months before Bush was sworn in. Yes, Bush did inherit a hidden mess. Clinton left looking like a genius, even though he was the president during a bubble.

      4. Thank you JLP – yes the bubble burst in March 2000, and the markets crashed because of it before Bush took office.

        That would be the reason that the final budget approved by Clinton before leaving office in 2001 (which carried through September 2001) was not a surplus but instead a $133.29 billion deficit.

        See – with all the multi-millionare IT people having lost a wealth of money in the market and all the dot com jobs drying up through the burst, there was no more over funded SS that could be used to pay down the “public debt” as had been available previously.

      5. Obama said in 2008 unemployment would be at 5% by now. Did Bush have any of the many scandals in his term? Or how bout all you idiots that bought into the fact that The Affordable Care Act was going to be free. What did Obama say? It will save families’ at least $2500 a year. How bout you drink a nice cup of stfu!

      6. Yes thanks to the addition of China to the WTO, and because companies here can legally use sweat shops in other countries, part of the Bush laws which not only make lower taxes for do called job creators, but also allows them to create jobs in other countries and still get the tax breaks, people here have been put out of work and gone on welfare, not Obama’s fault, it’s the job creators and conservative greed. The most welfare recipients oddly enough live in traditionally and historically red states, not liberal blue states.Texas complains about Obama care, but will be receiving more than 17 billion from the program, if you don’t like the program and want to gripe about it, don’t accept money from it.

      7. Bill Clinton brought China into the WTO. He also signed NAFTA into law. Obama gave us more “free trade” with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea. Clinton just christened a brand-new sweatshop in Haiti, operated by Korean overseers. Democrats share equal blame with Republicans, at least.

      8. Unemployment is not by Obama; it is by the economy of George Bush Dick Cheney mess. . It took two terms for Obama to get running with absolute no help from the Republicans who sat on their assas and didn’t care in the world who was hungry for work and for food You can not blame Obama when Republicans didn’t try to help their country but passed out money to other countries who wanted more. While other countries were being fed. We were starving our veterans. Our seniors and children. If they got anything. We must demand to feed our own. And stop blaming the poor. It’s not their fault there is lack of paying jobs that the Republicans fail to Fulfill. While they were eating $50.00 steaks or Lobsters, people were struggleling to survive losing their jobs and homes as well their self esteem

      9. I believe that the same percentage game that’s being played on the subject that people saying more blacks are on foot stamps then whites.

  3. Clearly folks need a lesson in cause and effect. Go back and look what happened after both Father & Son Bush-presidential terms.

    1. President Obama took an economy that was started to skid, he jerked the wheel and slammed on the brakes and caused it to spin out of control; the same way Johnson lost control of the the Vietnam War.
      Obama caused enough damage in less than 4 years. We need someone with a long term intelligent plan to get us out of this mess, not someone with a cabinet that has many Bill Clinton cronies that also screwed up the economy under him.

      1. Yeah as far as “history” goes Clinton was the best damn thing that happened to this country WTF are you talking about Joe Poppa? Are you crazed?

      2. Actually the best thing that happened under Clinton’s watch (aside from his move to center), was that there was an IT bubble. That provided an overstocked SS bucket with which funds could be used to pay down other areas.

        Unfortunately like the other bubbles that have happened since that one, the mess is horrible and spreads further and further. Until we can get back into the notion that hard work and persistence are the cornerstones of a solid foundation instead of “get rich quick” schemes, we are destined to repeat and repeat and repeat.

      3. Exactly what did Clinton do that created the economy of the 90’s? Congress, who creates law and legislation was largely Republican. Clinton had nothing to do with the cell phone, desktop computer and Internet revolutions that occurred on his watch and created a boom economy.

        So one more time: Exactly what did Clinton do that warrants your giving him credit?

      4. 700,000 jobs lost per month is hardly “starting to skid”. The economy was well out of control by the time the President was sworn in. TARP and the bailouts were already in place. So, you are misrepresenting the facts.

      5. I wish that we were all more honest with ourselves but the fact of the matter is that there are user’s and then there are abuser’s….and in regard to free government handouts it has the same statistical prevalance as a drug addiction.

        Once you are hooked there are few with the character to turn their lives around. Obama is depending on you addicts to re-elect him.

  4. I wish there was a chart that separated disaster relief food stamp recipients from the general population of food stamp recipients.

      1. “President cannot veto if a certain majority of congress passes.”

        Really? You are woefully ignorant of our legislative process and should refrain from further commenting on the matter. The President has veto power regardless of the initial vote count on a bill. In other words, a 2/3 majority is required to override a veto, but a Bill that receives a 2/3 majority vote does not automatically become law, and the President still has the power to veto. Rarely are presidential vetoes overridden, even when they have passed with a 2/3 majority initially. Additionally, the so-called bailout did not pass with a 2/3 majority, so your incorrect point is moot anyway.

      2. The power of the President to refuse to approve a bill or joint resolution and thus prevent its enactment into law is the veto. The President has ten days (excluding Sundays) to sign a bill passed by Congress. A regular veto occurs when the President returns the legislation to the house in which it originated, usually with a message explaining the rationale for the veto. This veto can be overridden only by a two-thirds vote in both the Senate and the House. If this occurs, the bill becomes law over the President’s objections. A pocket veto occurs when Congress adjourns during the ten-day period. The President cannot return the bill to Congress. The President’s decision not to sign the legislation is a pocket veto and Congress does not have the opportunity to override. –

        So yeah the President might have vetoed the bill but with the aforementioned stated they would have turned it into law anyway… You do remember who was running the House and the Senate at the time… I do believe it was the Republicans according to…. I just did a quick search. Hit me back if I am wrong

      3. Obama also voted yes for this bill which he singed into law. Also the Democrats held both houses at that time the bill was passed.

      4. Yes, he could have risked bank failures, an economic collapse and a long lasting depression as President Bush’s advisors warned. All at the very beginning of his Presidency. Your expectation to ignore what even the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, voted in favor of is naive at best but more likely hyper partisan.

      5. funny how bush gets blamed for a bailout he drafted but obama signed into effect, but obama gets credit for finding osama even though b ush started the hunt

  5. This is exactly why this administration won’t clamp down on Illegal Immigration !! The POTUS is buying his votes with OUR OWN MONEY !!

    And worst thing of it all…..If he isn’t voted out this time…..then “we the people” will be financing the destruction of our way of life !!…Every policy he instates…..all the decisions he makes or influences others to make on his behalf……has to do with 1 thing and 1 thing ONLY…. spending more and more and more taxpayer dollars…I believe he is deliberately trying to financially break us so he can change our system……Bye Bye to Liberties …..ABO !! This man is dangerous to us….he is NOT an AMERICAN –He hasn’t proved it ! Let’s vote him out people !..

    1. According to the USDA website, legal immigrants may receive SNAP benefits if they have lived in the United States for five years or receive federal or state disability benefits. Anyone who is not a citizen (illegal immigrant), yet is temporarily living in the country, such as university students or others cannot receive SNAP benefits.
      I’m Canadian and it took me 5 minutes to find your government’s policy on food stamps for illegal immigrants. Why not arm yourself with knowledge instead of prejudice?

      1. When immigrants take jobs from citizens, and the citizens then go on food stamps, immigration can be fairly blamed for the increase in the food-stamp rolls.

      2. So you spent a few minutes researching the U.S. policy on food stamps for illegals…hmm. You might want to research our LAWS on illegal immigration, or maybe you could look into our LAWS on non-citizen voting and voter intimidation. Oh, and take a look at the penalties for perjury (particularly when testifying to members of Congress who are attempting to get answers about legitimate concerns). It will only take you five minutes to discover that policies and laws are of no benefit to anyone if they aren’t enforced. This administration not only shows an arrogant disregard for the rule of law, they do so proudly and openly.

    2. Finally someone else who could see whats happening.I have been saying this and people think Im nuts.People on the other side that is.

    3. Yes. Obama is African. So are you.

      you said “And worst thing of it all…..If he isn’t voted out this time…..then “we the people” will be financing the destruction of our way of life”

      reminds me of south park, when the aliens came and “took their jobs” all the guys started screwing each other to make their point. u and your buddies gonna go f*ck each other on the street now while yelling “they took our jobs!!” HAHA

      yes. JB….you are African. So I hope you don’t plan to run for city council anytime soon without showing your birth certificate, Brother.

      1. We are all AFRICANS. You make a distinction on when the person’s ancestors left a place. All of our ancestors left Africa at some point. And if you claim its the most recent departures that count most, then most blacks are more American than most white Americans since most slaves were brought here well before most whites got here.

      2. Your white race didn’t and never has done nothing for my race. Everything we got we fought. No one has ever gave blacks free handouts. Your race may have gotten them, but I know your white race hasn’t given us anything. Instead Your white race has try to destroy every other race on the planet. Your white race is the biggest mass murders. Your white race has killed millions upon millions upon millions of people. If it wasn’t for blacks and other races standing up against your white race. We probably would be in chains. But I’m just reminisce on that. Because that grimmy shit will never never never will happen again. Over my dead body and a lot of other peoples dead bodies. It will World War III, Civil War II, and all the previous wars you think of. Slavery will never happen again, and don’t you say your white race did anything for us or any other race. Your white race didn’t do dam thing, but try to destroy other races of people, but that shit…let me repeat again…that shit will never never never never happen again.

      3. Traci, you sound really ignorant. Abraham Lincoln was white, and he is the one who was president when a ton of ethnically diverse people fought to free the slaves. White people were fighting for it to. There has been thousands of “Projects” started to try and get people related to previously enslaved people to raise up, but most of those places have become ghettos/slums. The slave trade didn’t even start in Africa, it started in Ireland, and spread to Africa, India, China, and a few other places. Most of the slaves from each place was sold by people of their own race. African tribes would sell their slaves to the British. British owned Ireland and just took whoever they wanted. India sold their people, China sold and shipped their people over here, and Britan invaded a few different places and shipped people over here as slaves. I also hate to break your bubble, but slaves still exist in just about ever country. 12 million people are trafficed every year, some work slaves, some are sex slaves, and some are breeding machines. Get educated before you say stuff. Besides, it is expected that everyone comes from Africa or Mesopetamia, which is in the Middle East. However there are some theories that some people have Neanderta root, which means that those people would have ancestery that started in the Netherlands. America isn’t nearly as racist as some other countries I have been to, and racism goes both ways, and you seem to have quite the racist view yourself.
        I blame a lot of this country’s problems on the corrupt politicians. They need to be held liable and not get paid so much damn money.

      4. What a buffoon! Come back when you learn English, guy. The internet you’re using was invented by white people. The electricity that powers it was invented by white people. EVERYTHING you use, even the language that you mangle, was invented by Westerners (WHITE people). Some (like our numeric system) were invented by Arabic peoples, who are technically Caucasoid. You are so ignorant, it’s laughable. You live in WESTERN society, which was created by WHITE people, you live under a REPUBLIC, which is a form of government invented by WHITE people. You were brought to this great country by WHITE people. If not for us, you’d be in the dark in some mud hut with a spear, no agriculture, no wheel, no plumbing, no husbandry, etc. I could go on all day. You are influenced by WHITE people and culture in most things you do if you live in America, whether you’re actively conscious of it or not. You better thank your lucky stars that you were born in a country founded by WHITE men, or else you’d be stuck in that hellhole known as Africa.

    4. Sir I believe you are delusional, last year saw a net decline in illegal immigration according to the Pew Center. Also, presidents don’t create policies, laws or budgets. Presidents can propose all such things but do not have unilateral power to enact them. Try taking 10th grade civics class again.

    5. If your paranoid fantasy is true, then we need more than your emotional outburst to believe you. Where are the specific facts that show President Obama is markedly different from past Presidents? It should be easy to do this if what you claim is true but stop trying to apply the record of President Bush to President Obama. Stop saying he is not one of us. It is not helpful to your argument. He clearly is an American and you just come off as a bigot or hyper partisan. Calling us stupid, lazy, ignorant etc is likewise not helpful to making your case if you have one. I will listen but I will not be bullied by the tactics I have seen.

  6. @JB, Try facts for a change. More illegals are deported per year under Obama than under Bush. At a time when fewer illegals are coming here per year. Really, do some research. Turn off what ever totally biased news you might be listening to, and check some things out. You don’t have to change your mind and like Obama. But at least base your dislike on facts. You owe it to your country, if not yourself.

    1. You sir are a friggin liar …if not lying than you are at the least misinformed!!! This administration has REFUSED to deport illegals and 3 of our border patrol agents are dead because of this!!!

      1. Also, if we aren’t trying to prevent people from illegally entering the country then how did 3 agents die while patrolling our borders?

  7. In 1996 AFDC ended and the states were block granted dollars for TANF, state administered Public Assistance program. One caveat, the federal govt required a time limit not to exceed 60 months. In addition, some states could provide as little as 3 years depending on the work requirements. If your “clock” runs out you are removed from the cash portion, and the food stamp amount increases. This started in 1996 we see by the charts what happened 5 years later- 2002 begins an increase of food stamp recipients, and the numbers are on the rise from there. Enter the housing bust, market crash, loss of jobs, natural disasters etc…I think that should shed some light on this topic.

  8. Everyone knows cause and effect economic data is lagged. Food stamps, unemployment and budget deficits increased under Bush (‘W’). The unemployment rate actually began to decrease in late Oct. 2008 and, unfortunately has been a tough road since. But Bush dug a big hole from which Obama had to dig. The $15 billion/month Iraq War was largely funded by supplemental spending which was not included in their budget. And going to war against a country which had nothing to do with 911 cost money, lives and took our eyes off of Afghanistan. At the end of Bush’s administration, he and Paulsen began bailout and stimulus programs – which Obama continued – but most righties get their news from biased sources and never fact-check. But never mind that, the typical righty voter usually aligns themselves by prejudice and bias and vote in ignorance and, most especially, against their own financial interests. I don’t know too many righties who are making $300,000 but somehow the ‘Average Joe Righty’ making $40,000 thinks that going from 35% to a 37% upper tax bracket increase – which will cost them 2% on the $50,000 over $250,000 or a whole whopping $1,000. Wake up! If you want to help yourself, vote for the people who want to help you. Not the rich who say that if taxes are reduced then money will trickle down to the middle class. And yet the righties think that the Dems are starting class warfare!? Just the opposite; the righties have been working on class warfare since 1980 (6 of 8 of Clinton’s years involved a Republican-controlled Congress – and 2 of 4 of Obama’s. Bottom line: Democrats want to help all American because a rising tide floats all boats. The Republicans want to cut taxes for those who don’t need the help, make it tougher for the people they’ve thrown under the bus – and win elections.

    1. Great job, Bob, especially about Obama digging us out of the hole that Bush had created. You are right on the money: Obama continues to deepen the hole. It never works for me when people use one person’s mistakes to justify another person’s mistakes. Besides, that song is getting just a little old…

      1. That is a laugh. I remember (and still see in this very thread) how Republicans twisted facts to claim that President Clinton had caused President Bush’s recession. The GOP has the memory of an elephant when it comes to blaming others and the memory of a peanut in considering their share of the blame.

  9. The data doesn’t lie, people do, especially if they are working for the governement.

    Republicans and Democrats are the same, they are governement representatives that line their own pockets, I know several in the local governement that are rich compared to me, one is a city clerk who brags about how easy her job is and how she gets to travel the world for free, thanks to us taxpayers.

    Both parties are guilty, the governement is boken.

    1. A city clerk gets to travel the world for free? How is that done? What cit? Have you written to the local press about this scam (or are you just making it up like so much of the BS that your kind like to use to fuel your irrational beliefs) Please find out and let me know.

  10. What surprises me most, is that in the greatest country ever since WW2, the richest country ever known, is now issuing food stamps to over 46 million people every week………….where corporations have fled the country to make even more money and to pay even less taxes………………those that have “made it” are getting richer, paying even less in taxes, a rightwing nutter MITT, just cant wait to start WW3 over in some country on the other side of the world…………..if he is so eager to have a WW3……………….please, please have it on your own soil this time, kill 100 million citizens, destroy 100 big cities…………end of my wish list

  11. Obamanomics: Penalize Success and Reward Failure. Ok, here’s what you get if you choose to drop out of high school and do nothing. Subsidized housing, a free cell phone, food stamps, free health care and a check in your mailbox. Now, here’s what you get if you do good in school, graduate college and work hard for your family…..unbearable tuition loans, rising healthcare costs, higher food costs and yes higher taxes. It’s time for someone to say this…..can we please have some programs for taxpayers by taxpayers, instead of programs for non-taxpayers by taxpayers.

    1. This is a tired rant of Republican leaders talking-points. If you have evidence you should share it with us, but if you got these feelings from watching FOX news, you may be surprised that you can’t come up with those facts. Try broadening your news sources and hearing both sides with an open mind. Most of the President’s programs target the middle class. His tax cut proposal is to keep the cuts from President Bush’s era for everyone’s first $250,000 in income (yes everyone). He would let the cuts for income over $250,000 expire and they would return to the rates in President Clinton’s era, where I and others paid 39% on our top dollars but did quite well. He has also worked hard to lower the cost of student loans the middle class depends on.

  12. Wonder when is it going to stop? Okay I have always believed we should help each other, but our society is now only a few work and the rest live of us. The people who don’t work, get a better tax break than I do, they get a better tax refund than I do and they don’t work. They get housing, food stamps, medical, cell phone and I’m sure there are ammentities that I do not know about.They have no rules, except they can’t have their baby daddy living with them for any of their babies… Yes, look around, how many people do you know that are on food stamps that just have 1 child. Not too many.
    They buy the most processed food in the world, junk that we pay for… Where does all that money come from. A tree in the back yard, politicians wake up. No wonder we owe everyone in the world instead being the AMERICA we should be. Then 9 out of 10 times they are criminals,they steal, drugs and yet keep recieving benefits. Oh maybe we can give them more.
    One baby, we’ll help other than that no more help… Don’t know how the second one happened too bad.
    Food Stamps/Wic should have some guidelines what they can buy. Not all that processsed food. Then they have all that medical issues because all that junk and then they are overweight and other medical issues.
    And why do we not have care takers for them at night, evenings for their children so they can work. There are people out there who will work for help.
    Instead of paying teachers, police, fire fighters better ect… better we close schools, hiring freeze on police firemen. But better benefits for those who don’t work. Obama is not the issue, he’s cleaning it up which will take years.

    1. Please read my response to Billybad for complete story down below.

      P.S. NEVER a criminal, Never done ANY illegal drugs and wouldn’t even know what they look like and do not drink at all. It is a shame you guys are so judgemental and wouldn’t help me if your life depended on it. You are just as wrong for your selfish attitude as the people who do abuse the system. Greed is much of a sin as “stealing” as one of you put it that I was stealing which I am not!

      There is NO WAY these stats are accurate…the three times in the last month I had to go to apply for assistance/give documents. I was the only white person EVERY TIME..these numbers of 67% being white is positively false when over 100+ people were there everytime and I was the only white one!

      I will pray for your arrogant and pious attitude and that God doesn’t humble you by losing everything you have when it is no fault of your on!

      If you guys would be so gracious to help me I would be more than humbled to take it as I can’t even pay for my medicine alone on 188 a month!!! Not to mention tiolet paper, toothpaste, etc. The offer for a pic stands for you too or anyone else who bashes on this site. Have the guts to look at my face knowing how ill I am and then tell me I do not deserve help.

      I challenge you to show your character…Am I worthy of some help?


      Concerned to be alive till tomorrow

      1. Just like you were denied other you seen sitting in that office were also denied. Also some foot stamp offices serve as visitation spots for children in the system some of those people you seen could be there for that also.

    2. ••47% of beneficiaries were children under age 18.

      ••8% were age 60 or older.

      ••41% lived in a household with earnings from a job — the so-called “working poor.”

      These are the people you want to take food from, and healthcare, which in the long run is cheaper to actually take care of those before they get worse. By the way, there are guidelines as to what they can buy, and it is being looked at to become more stringent again, not a bad thing for health. We now include those affected by natural disaster for food stamps, and while the economy is starting to improve (thank goodness we have been kept from what some European countries are going through). I agree with Christie, you have no idea, and I cannot believe your families and friends have been untouched. If so you really are extremely fortunate. My brother was laid off 3 times, and now with the more stable economy has been able to be in a job that has not closed his office or department for the last several years. He and his family were ready to have to start food stamps after the last layoff wiped out what they had, but the new job came in time. He did not tell us until after. My husband during a two year layoff was able to find some contract work, mostly because he was looking so hard for a job, and I worked also, but we were 2 months away from being forced to sell our house or lose it and sign up for my kids to get school lunches, when he was able to get the best job of his life, which we moved 800 miles for. We still donate regularly to food banks, I have worked at shelters, and also volunteer with the Red Cross. I was a Republican until the last election, until I was sickened by the selfishness of those in the party and lack of respect for rights and freedoms. And the lack of respect for truth no matter what party was involved. I look at both sides critically now, and multiple fact sources and news media (although some I have to laugh at when I watch what they call news), not just liberal or conservative, so then I hope to make more informed choices. I would hope you might consider doing the same, because it is pretty obvious you don’t now, or even think about those you are blasting.

    3. Only a few work? You are NUTS. well over 80% of able Americans work. Try thinking for a change instead of ranting mindlessly. THINK about what you say.

  13. no jobs and too many people -soon shortages of food-this is the begining of the end–the only thing obamas cleaning up is the middle class. the ships taking on water–bigtime

    1. Blaming President Obama for the economy is like blaming President Bush for 9/11. Both may have been able to do better I suppose but much was outside either’s control. The one difference is that President Obama inherited an economy that had already gone into free fall before he took office and was deep in trouble. For you to say he is completely responsible is itself irresponsible. Given the immediate opposition he received from Republicans in Congress abusing the filibuster, he has done what he could but Congress has the power of the purse and no President has absolute power. Your characterization that he has made it worse is false. His stimulus turned job losses to job gains. We all want better but blaming the President for everything is unfair and simply partisan.

      1. What President Obama lacks is leadership. Yes, I am blaming Obama for the economy of 2012. President Obama asked for the job, he went and campaigned very hard. For 2 years he had full control of Congress, what President Obama did was focus on healthcare not reviving the economy. He chose to put his political capital on the line to address health care and not the economy. He did do the stimulus, which really didn’t do what they thought it would. By choosing to focus on something else, he has to take the blame. It was his decision.

      2. He picked health care to work on first because it is the single largest expenditure in the country. Reforming health care so that costs can be controlled will directly affect the overall economy as well as the budgets of all Americans. There’s probably a better way to do it than “Obamacare,” but it is certainly not the worst way to do it and considering the opposition the President faces it’s amazing he was able to get even that much done. If it doesn’t get repealed, Obamacare will do a lot to help individuals and the entire country because it IS NOT a tax UNLESS you choose not to buy health insurance, in which case it’s an OPT-OUT FEE!

  14. i agree (concerned citizen) better yet WIC shouldn’t even exist. it is a socialist hand out same thing as food stamps. that should be reduced to buying staples only! potatoes, rice, hamburger, whole chicken.. and that is it!!!im tired of these leeches of society and a run away government hell bent on stealing it for them! that’s right i said it! they are LEECHES!

    1. Billybad and all those who look down on those on food stamps!!!….I am so grateful you are blessed with a jobs, homes, and all the blessing that ease your life! I had an awesome job making 6 figures in 08. I was 100% debt free with an 800+ credit score with a 4br/2 1/2 bh home in a swim and tennis community as a single mom with ONE child and received very little child support but rest assured I took care of far more than her father EVER did on his $100!!!

      I was in a car accident where someone fell asleep at the wheel and only had 25K in ins…I am now over 1 MILLION dollars in medical bills and he was allowed to file banruptcy and left me holding the bag. I have had 6 surgeries since 08 and have been diagnosed with over 30+ health issues since Sept 2011 when my health was PERFECT prior to 08 and I am only 40. I do not eat ANY processed food, sugar, aspertame, milk, wheat, fried, and have to eat gluten free or I get sicker!..etc. Based on you generosity…I would only be able to eat whole chicken and hamburger…real nutritious diet huh…thanks! I would love to eat candy and chips once in a while and can’t even eat fruit!

      I am was NOT overweight and have dropped 37lbs since Dec…sick as a dog and puking my guts out…I have 3 pages of symptoms due to Chronic lyme disease from a tick which was dormant until my immune system was compromised; not counting all the other things that have went wrong since that wonderful car accident. I am bed ridden unless I am at the dr and use a wheel chair to go to the bathroom. I also was in another car accident 2 weeks ago going to the dr…once again NOT my fault and in SEVERE PAIN as if everything else wasn’t bad enough!!

      I was also diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in ALL my joints and osteo as well. I have been on chemo shots to make it better which hasn’t helped! My joints hurt EXCRUTIATING 24/7!!!!, I pray GOD will take me as I live in absolute HELL!!! I cry all the time the pain is so intense! While I know some people abuse it…many do all of you who think everyone enjoys a handout and doesn’t want to be gainfully employed…THINK AGAIN! How would you like to live on $188.00 a month on disability.

      I have lost my home, had to sell all my belonging other than my clothes, a career I loved and perfect health ( I use to hike/run 5-6 days a week 2-5 miles a day!!!). Not everyone is a lazy fat butt as some imply!!! I wasn’t hard on the eyes either but how many men would want to date me now and if your attitude is like this I am sure you would have no mercy to date someone like me!

      My daughter had to go live with her father because I was too sick to care for her….I greive as she is 8 hours away and I am too sick to travel and have no money to travel anyway…so I do not get to see her!!! Do you have kids? How would you like to be so sick you couldn’t see them or close family members living away or even grab lunch ith a freind??? I greive over the loss of life I had. Have you lost everything but your clothes??? Put yourself in my shoes and I would bet my life you would be in the food stamp line too!

      Please do NOT take your health forgranted..nor judge those less fortunate than you! God could take it all away from you in a blink of an eye! Say a prayer and thank God for all your wonderful blessings! And an opology is in order I believe…I will give you a chance to redeem your character! I will pray for you that something in this post will help you to see a need for compassion and a great start would be a sincere opology! 🙂 I will forgive you! 🙂 I will pray that you give willingly and not just what they force you pay (which one day you may need yourself) and not be so GREEDY!!!

      If you have the guts..I would love to send an email a picture of me so the next time you feel this way you can realize what a blessing you are to me and it would put a name with face for someone truly is in need of some help…not that I didn’t pay into the system for YEARS myself..working since I was 14! I am sure you are smart enough to know I will never get SS as it will be long gone before retirement age which I paid for too either!

      Your Humbled Grateful LEECH!


    2. Little children are not leeches, most of the items on WIC is provided to newborns and young children whose parent need assistance and may not earn enough form employment and their rents especially in NYC are extremely high. They are not leeches these children are not immigrant and it its not their fault that things are not that well. During the Bush era we had Katrina that added to the Food stamps roll and also the many giant tornadoes in Alabama, there are a lot of situation which cause the food stamp level to be so high it isn’t because people are lazy, natural disasters and lost of employment and homes is serious and heartbreaking and for those that never been on the roll imagine how they feel, and their families. In these situations EVERYBODY needs assistance. I refuse to discuss Obama with anyone at this time because everyone wants him to fail and if the Tea Party would not have it in their agenda from the onset to get rid of the Black President by causing him so much discord, so individuals as yourself can say oh he didn’t do anything for this country lets vote him out, Well, perhaps he didn’t complete all he had promised but dammit he has done a lot considering his opposition and it is a shame that a human being is being verbally abused by certain hate groups, He has endured so much just because your completion or race is not what these racist want in this country. This is why so many countries do like America, they think we are a bunch of hypocrites, preaching falsehood due to the way certain individuals treat each other.

      1. Well-said Contessa.

        I live in Southern California with my wife and two sons and was able to support all of us on an IT salary of $53,000 until I was laid off. Why was I laid off? As it says on official paperwork it was, “due to the downturn in the economy” in 2010 since the company supports the construction industry, which was hit hard because of the house bubble bursting.

        After that I received unemployment insurance (I got the maximum benefit allowed by the State of California because I had not been unemployed for longer than a month in over 15 years) and I went back to school to better myself with one of the VA’s education programs. In March of this year my UI was cut off even though I had benefits remaining because the federal unemployment extension requirements said that California’s unemployment rate was “too low” at only 11.5%. Tell me again how Obama has enacted an entitlement state…

        Anyway, much to our dismay and embarrassment we found ourselves in need of assistance. We applied for and got WIC and Medi-Cal for the kids, but not Food Stamps or anything else. We scraped by, barely paying the most vital bills (usually shuffling them around, paying almost all of them late) while we waited for my monthly VA disability benefit to come in and for work for either or both of us. At a time when unemployment is crazy high (even though the Fed doesn’t think 11.5% is all that bad), there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people applying for every job opening, no matter how small. The competition is extremely fierce, leading to new-found depression and feelings of desperation in people that are normally optimistic. WIC’s guidelines are very strict and are completely enforced by grocers because the government will not reimburse them if the “wrong” items are purchased. If a WIC voucher says “16oz Whole Grain,” you not only have to find whole grain bread (or tortillas), but you have to find a WIC-approved brand and you HAVE TO buy it in a package marked “16 oz” – no less, no more. WIC is only approved for families with one or more children under the age of 5, the vouchers are meant only to feed those same children, and they want parents to buy healthy foods so the are very strict. They provide a booklet that helps you determine what is approved and you have to show it to the checkout clerk in order to redeem your voucher(s).

        Food Stamps/EBT cards are much less strict (possibly not at all), and processed foods are commonly purchased to be able to feed a whole family. My first job after my longest span of unemployment since I graduated high school was as a clerk at a chain drug store and I saw plenty of people buying all manner of unhealthy food using only their EBT card. Still, Food Stamps are designed to feed a whole family, not just the youngest children, and the amount of money provided to a whole family is very low so families have to buy whatever it takes to make the money last and put food on the table.

      2. I don’t think anyone here is attacking someone who legitimately can’t work, i.e. the disabled and children.

  15. The economy is failing under Obama. I wish he was a real man and tried to accept responsibility for his actions rather than blame a previous administration and the Republican Party. He had a filibuster-proof, Democratic Party majority for his 1st 2 years as POTUS; why did his own party vote against much of his proposed legislation?
    He tried and failed. The economic viability of our great Country is not something we can risk letting Obama handle for 4 more years. We need someone other than Obama who has both short term and long term plans, who doesn’t do knee-jerk responses that further our economic peril, doesn’t spend most of his administration pandering for votes and is proud & loyal to the U.S.A..

    1. You are incorrect the “filibuster proof” majority you speak of was a period of time totaling 14 weeks around the time Ted Kennedy passed. Since he was bed ridden he was not there to vote for an extended period of time before. Once that super majority dissolved they were then at the mercy of the threat of the filibuster which by all accounts has been threatened in excessive 140 times. These threats draw votes of cloture to avoid the actual filibuster and thus destroy any forward momentum in the legislature. Finally even though there was the short term of super majority there would have been the inclusion of the house of representatives for a vote as well and no such super majority existed there. Besides where is this economic peril you speak of the economy is still slowly growing as is aggregate jobs, and the fortune 500 posted larger profits this year than any other. Quit listening to the cries of wolf and check the facts, or be deceived at your own peril.

      1. Good points, and right on the money.

        Besides, the biggest vote panderer in history has to be Mitt Romney. I realized that the original comment by Joe Poppa is from Aug 28, which means the debates (especially the third presidential debate) hadn’t happened yet, but Flip-Flop Romney has never shown they tiniest qualm about changing his “deeply-felt views” the moment he sees an opportunity to win more votes. First he said he was a “progressive” and “pro-choice” conservative, now he’s a hard-core, right-wing conservative. For weeks and he’s said President Obama has the worst foreign policy capabilities and decision-making of any president in US history, then he sits in front of a world-wide audience in the third debate and agrees with nearly every foreign policy decision made by PO… Come on!

  16. The attribution of food stamp increases by President are off by one year, because the numbers are reported in government fiscal years which are not the same as calendar years. For example, Obama’s 4 fiscal years are 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010. Bush’s 8 fiscal years were 2009 to 2002, etc.

    1. Arvind,

      I see what you are saying, but I’m not sure that it is material. Bush made the 2009 budget because he was in office at the time the fiscal year began in October 2008. But did Obama have zero control over that budget during his first 9 months in office?

      It’s not fair that Obama gets blamed for people added to the rolls in 2009, but that’s how it works, right? If good things happened instead, Obama would have taken credit.


  17. Food stamps are the hidden “bread lines” of the post 2008 “economic crash” economy created by excessive “gambling” permitted through the lax enforcement or elimination of oversight of American and world financial institutions.

    I personally know a senior citizen who “survives” on a Social Security benefit of about $806 per month, and even though that person is eligible and encouraged by local social services personnel, though that person refuses to apply for this benefit because of the humiliating treatment recipients are often subjected to. I assure you, though that person is not alone.

    This country squanders billions of dollars in tax breaks intended to encourage federal, state and local businesses to invest or set up companies in various “financially-depressed” locations around this country. Often the CEO’s of these so-called “community development investors” skim the cream off the company income, underpay the local employees hired, (if any) then walk away when the project fails.

    Nobody complaining about pitiable food stamp recipients ever complains about the so-called “community development investors “freeloading off of taxpayers to the tune of billions more than food stamps ever cost. You are stupid and blind.

    Shame on you for such narrow thinking and hasty condemnation. You are narrow-minded, self-serving (and probably obese andType-2 diabetic hypocrites) who are probably scarfing down bags of chips and gallons of soda pop while sitting on your fat asses bitching about some old person getting (maybe) $200 a month (probably less).

    Maybe it’s a military family you are attacking (yeah, they get food stamps), maybe it’s the non-union, underpaid single parent down the street working for minimum wage at Wal-Mart, Target, McDonald’s, etc. Maybe it your or your neighbor’s aged parent. (I heard once that Eskimos used to put their aged, parents on icebergs when they became useless and unproductive. I don’t think they can do that now, no icebergs left thanks to global warming and the competition for what are left with polar bears.)

    Just as the “Great Depression” of the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s was created by careless land management practices by farmers and unrestrained financial “investment” (call that GAMBLING!) with individual and pension fund money our current economic crisis is a result of the same reckless environmental and financial behaviors.

    Go ahead, blame the hungry work horse and give the person driving the horse more money to buy a longer whip. In the early 1980’s I had a personal conversation with the head of the now-failed investment firm “The Reserve Fund”. He was a big Jack Kemp fan and Kemp’s theory that proposes “A rising tide lifts all boats”. In the same conversation he also said “what this country needs a good depression”. The Reserve Fund crashed, lost billions of dollars and he got his wish. His theory failed. We’ve got the depression, and no one (except perhaps him and his kids) is any better for it.

    Go ahead, starve the working poor. That is exactly the attitude and behavior that precipitated the French Revolution.

    Rome is burning, my friends, and Nero has a lot of company in the string section of the “Orchestra of Fools”. Perhaps the “survivalists” are right. “Every man for himself” is the order of the day.

    1. I have to point out this was not a “post” 2008 crash. The crash began solidly in 2008. Remember John McCain suspending his campaign to involve himself in addressing it? That campaign was clearly in the Fall of 2008.

  18. I cannot believe some of the silliness I have seen here as people reach for ways to point the proverbial finger at Obama. The Food Stamp Program was created at the end of the New Deal as a way of coping with the millions of people who were going hungry in this country at the time, due to lack of jobs. I cannot for the life of me figure out why people think that in this country, in this day and age, it is acceptable to allow people to go hungry simply because there are not enough jobs to go around. Record numbers of jobs have been sent out of the country, manufacturing in this country is in rapid decline and people want to say that the people who are on Food Stamps at this time are just lazy is just silliness and greed. Yes, there will always be a handful of people who abuse the system, but the vast majority of people on food stamps would rather have a job than collect food stamps. Do you really think what little people get in the way of food stamps allows them to love high on the hog? I suggest those people do a little research in their states as to what it takes to qualify for food stamps, and how much people actually get in the way of assistance. I did the research, and I am betting that people don’t get nearly as much as people think they do. If it were their family, their sons and daughters, their grandchildren who were benefiting from the program because there are not enough jobs available, would they feel the same way? Would they tell “tough luck’ and tell them they were on their own? Do they think it would be better to go back to the high suicide rates because people can’t provide for their families. People should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of understanding and compassion for their fellow human beings.

    1. Many politicians have used attacks on programs like these for political gain to engender a sense resentment that tax payers are being taken advantage of by those concerned for everyone’s welfare. They cynically find or simply create a few straw man cases of abuse and tar all recipients by association. It is not surprising that those who trust those “leaders” hear about these, assume the politician wouldn’t suggest the exception is the rule and then buy into the feeling they are being gypped by “do gooders”, especially with a media that is owned by partisans and corporations that wish to appear fair and balanced but have agendas that no longer serve the public and its interests that might correct misrepresentations.

  19. Just another observation. I worked for a fortune 500 company. We we told about 10 yrs ago, that we had to bid equipment mfg in China, as it was cheaper. We then went on to send people there to run offices to find cheap items. I have nothing against overseas economy etc. but for the few dollars we saved , it costs us in many other areas. Many CEOs, bean counts believe they have only main responsibility, make money. I agree, but, how much, who reaps the rewards, and what is the collateral damage. When a recession hits , those guys at the top, no problems. The guys at the bottom, fend for yourselves. As a country, we need to get to a point where we can have an honest discussion on many issues, and with the pundits spreading info for the sake of news ( just watch fox and barf) it will never happen. You can talk about food stamps all you want, it is a much deeper issue.

    1. Well said. I saw the same thing in my corporation before I retired after 26 years. The old company balanced reward, fairness, sharing in success, responsibility and security for everyone. With a new CEO this changed and suddenly modest profit sharing for all turned into massive executive bonuses for the top, layoffs (unheard of in the company) and off-shoaring. Not surprisingly the reputation and growth the company had enjoyed since the 30’s suffered tremendously by 2005 when I left. Things have mostly gotten worse for those who remained. Firing that incompetent CEO only led to replacement by today’s style of business leader that only understands profit and privilege. They have really faired no better because they have learned the words of the founders of the company but not the commitments to their employees and communities.

  20. So I guess that the economy has nothing to do with food stamps. So the Great recession that started under Mr. Bush was all the fault of Obama. What leads you to believe that you are an expert on how long we should expect to see the effects of the worst economic downturn in over 75 years? Did you read about the big bump in food stamps in AL after the terrible storms? Were they moochers because they needed help. Why do you think that people getting food stamps get them (I mean all)? Have you heard nothing about the shortage of jobs? Do you know anybody that needs a job? Should they let their family starve? Are you capable of thinking about this problem in an objective way that might help with a solution, or are you incapable of understanding that this is not as simplistic as you seem to think? Think, if you can.

  21. Dear food stamp bloggers,

    Here is some food for thought (no pun intended) between Verizon, AT&T and the American oil companies the government gave out nearly 80,000,000,000 in tax subsities in 2011. That’s right, 14 corporations were given 11 billion more than our entire nations food stamp program paid out in that same year. Noting that corporations end their year in October. Also, the nearly 2.5 trillion in bail out money we have given to big business in the last 4 years has devalued our dollar by nearly 20%. This in turn has caused an the total dollar amount spent for our food stamp program to be artificially higher than it should be.
    Lastly, I would like to add one more point; nearly 47% of food stamp recipients are over the age of 65 or under the age of 5 and since 2005 all emergency FEMA food supplies comes directly out if the food stamp budget.
    I wish every one reading this a good day.

  22. I wish they would also show by job or last held job who was getting food stamps. Military personnel is a large percentage. Those that are blasting the FS recipients are also blasting our troops and former troops. Thanks for risking your life but your Families can not eat. A very large percentage are people working for greedy corporations such as WalMart and others that don’t want to pay a living wage.

  23. you are not talking of one of the most important factors: DEMOGRAPHICS.

    According to the Bureau of Census, a large % of the population on food stamps are non educated, young single mothers… Only training/education could help them.

  24. All I have to say is….

    Yes there are people who seek to “work the system” But if we are only going to focus on poor people (because they are certainly not getting rich using the system — they are just keeping their heads above the water) and unwilling to look at the snakes of business who dupe the system for billions of dollars we are delusional.

  25. So do the numbers of “food stamp recipients” mean just those adults who directly receive them, or their dependents/families as well? I.e., are there 46 million people on the direct roles, plus their kids, or including their kids? Given a population of about 314 million people in the U.S. (including kids), that’s about 15% of the population.

    1. The USDA reports the stats two ways: by individual and by household. So the 46 million people number includes the children.


  26. Most “redneck conservatives don’t realize that when Gove Romney mentioned 47% he was including the redneck in the 47%. But alas, my friend, the “redneck won’t realize this until he is down to his last food stamp. Then it will be too late~ Fornulately for the redneck…President Obama won.

  27. I just read every single posted messege…all i see is “my idea is better than your idea” and the bait put out for racial devision…and that’s the big problem!!! if we don’t come together ( and i mean ALL races) to fix our nation then we will see a race and class war that will leave blood in the streets…WAKE UP !!!!

  28. These number are not very meaningful unless shown as percentage of total population. Most of the countries you are comparing the US food stamp population to are much smaller countries, therefore the percentage of their population on food stamps could be much much higher.

    1. And I suppose that you have food-stamp data from the other countries from which percentages could be calculated?

      That chart is to illustrate the MAGNITUDE of the problem. If there is a drought, and a food shortage, the MAGNITUDE of the food-stamp population will be all that matters. Nobody will say: ONLY 15% of our population is starving. 47 million hungry people is a huge problem in ANY country.

      1. ahh but there’s the rub – the countries without food stamps are the ones with people starving. Food stamps at $133 per month is $4.40 per day. It literally is barely enough to feed people. Get rid of the program and watch food lines at churches grow, and your local traffic corner bogged down by beggars, and the crime rate go up. Instead, what we ought to be doing is investing FAR more money in our country in productive long term solutions like infrastructure, green energy and education, and slowly watch the food stamp rolls decline to nothing and our economy boom. People can cry all they want that food stamps teach people the wrong lesson, but that lesson doesn’t get embedded if there is actual opportunity in front of their noses. No one truly wants to live in a roach infested rat hole and have to use their food stamp card to eat. They’d much rather have a real life with real opportunity, but for many it simply doesn’t exist when education is so expensive and/or bad, and without a degree you’re hosed in today’s job market

        PS – thanks for a great site. First time user, just subscribed, and love it

    1. Don’t need to read it. If you mean genetically privileged in superior intelligence, ability to control impulses, build civilizations that minorities flock to and work to support those minorities – yes.

      How priviliged would minorities be to all suddenly find themselves in the country of their lineage? Think on that and then thank the next White Person you see.

      1. o! u mean the countries they were kidnapped from to build the ‘great’ civilizations as slaves? right… linin up to thank an white ignoramus such as those demonstrating your lack of intelligence…. please higher power, can we teach reasoning and logic in school, so we stop producing brain-dead humans like johnnyapples?

  29. Still most seem to spout today that what it will take will be a complete collapse of “the system” before we will wake up to the reality of our situation; 1/2 the population taking care of everyone’s needs……..Then what? the half that are takers will still “belly-up” to the bar for their next feeding…..with a collapsed system, what will we feed them with? Tidbit: If you don’t feed a “mink” (coat weasel,) it will eat it’s own tail…..look it up!

  30. You make a lot of sense. I agree with what your saying. It’s sad how racist this country is. We’re suppose to be the land of the free… Not of contradictory. A lot of people have so many hateful things to say. But it doesn’t matter because people like me and you have learned not to pay attention to the ignorance, that comes out of the ridiculous and foolish mouths. People will never admit to the truth even if it slap them right dead in the face. What a shame…America hasn’t still changed for the better.

  31. The Food Stamp program is as much an aid to farmers and the agriculture industry as it is to the people who use food stamps. It’s under the Dept. of Agriculture and in farm bills. We don’t want the agriculture industry to collapse during recessions, then we would really be in trouble.

  32. Has there been a study of recipients and the length of time they remain of food stamps? I know there are people out there that need assistance from time to time, but I know a family of 6 that receive 700. every month( and they cant stretch them for an entire month). This family has been receiving food stamps for over 11 years. Isnt there a limit to this? The father works, makes enough money to pay their rent, insurance, new truck note. The children recieve Medicaid and get free lunches at school. Ive turned them in for fraud and was told by the supervisor at our local food stamp office that most probably nothing will come of this.

  33. In a February 10, 2012 report, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities stated unequivocally,
    “Contrary to “Entitlement Society” Rhetoric, Over Nine-Tenths of Entitlement Benefits Go to Elderly, Disabled, or Working Households”. A brief abstract from that report follows:

    In a December 2011 op-ed, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney warned ominously of the dangers that the nation faces from the encroachment of the “Entitlement Society,” predicting that in a few years, “we will have created a society that contains a sizable contingent of long-term jobless, dependent on government benefits for survival.” “Government dependency,” he wrote, “can only foster passivity and sloth.”[2] Similarly, former Senator Rick Santorum said that recent expansions in the “reach of government” and the spending behind them are “systematically destroying the work ethic.”[3]

    The claim behind these critiques is clear: federal spending on entitlements and other mandatory programs through which individuals receive benefits is promoting laziness, creating a dependent class of Americans who are losing the desire to work and would rather collect government benefits than find a job.

    Such beliefs are starkly at odds with the basic facts regarding social programs, the analysis finds. Federal budget and Census data show that, in 2010, 91 percent of the benefit dollars from entitlement and other mandatory programs went to the elderly (people 65 and over), the seriously disabled, and members of working households. People who are neither elderly nor disabled — and do not live in a working household — received only 9 percent of the benefits.

    Moreover, the vast bulk of that 9 percent goes for medical care, unemployment insurance benefits (which individuals must have a significant work history to receive), Social Security survivor benefits for the children and spouses of deceased workers, and Social Security benefits for retirees between ages 62 and 64. Seven out of the 9 percentage points go for one of these four purposes.

    A small number of discretionary (i.e., non-entitlement) programs also provide substantial benefits to individuals, but the lack of full funding for some of these programs means they do not reach all eligible recipients. Indeed, in some cases — such as in low-income rental assistance programs — the vast majority of people who are eligible receive no benefits because of program funding limits.[4] If we broaden the universe of programs examined to include the principal discretionary programs that provide benefits — low-income housing programs, the WIC nutrition program for low-income women and young children, and low-income energy assistance — the result is essentially unchanged. Some 90 percent of the benefit dollars still go to the elderly, the disabled, and working households.”

    A wise man once said, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”
    Or, if you prefer, Chester Riley of the old radio show, “The Life of Riley” was fond of saying, “Don’t confuse me with facts, my heads made up!”

  34. My opinion is that clinton did good in his presidency because he was able to tax the rich and make them pay their share , but since we got REPUBLICANS who first cannot get over the racial barier and except a black president they want to act like children and protect the rich millions . Also this statistics show that more white people are on food stamps then any other race but DONT TELL THEM THAT they will call this statistics a lie and blame it on the spanish and blacks. At the same time you cannot blame afro american people for being on food stamps because IMMIGRATION has sky rocketed and the competions for work has been difficult for BLACKS AND PUERTO RICANS due to the increase of IMMIGRANTS.

    1. It just depends on the State, Whites are overall since they are the largest group but in both California and Texas Hispanics are the largest group on food stamps. They have lots of second and third generation Hispanics as well as illegal immigrants. Hispanics in both California and Texas are less middle class or upper middle class than whites that’s a fact if you do research, liberal or conservative groups will point out that Hispanics are poorer than whites in California and Texas.. In Kentucky most food stamps go to whites and in Mississippi on blacks outnumber whites on food stamps.

  35. Agree – never, ever give something for nothing.

    Clean streets, paint public buildings, etc. Work 40 hrs per week for a welfare check and food stamps – then see how quickly a ‘real’ job will look so much better.

    Also, drug test CLEAN before any government assistance is provided. Use drugs, no dole.

    I am tired of 25% of my EARNINGS being stolen from me to pay some sod to sit on their arse all day.

    Simple, common logic to HELP people learn to work and live in a self-sufficient manner.

    1. Not just drug testing, They should be tested for alcohol use as well, Random tests on Saturday and Sunday Mornings.
      We should also strip search anyone applying for assistance so we can count tattoos and do random strip searches every couple months to ensure that no one has added tattoos.
      While we are at it, Lets implant RFID tracking chips into any recipient of government funds, to ensure they are not going anywhere they cannot afford to go, gambling at casinos or whatever.
      Since we are already infringing on basic human rights, Lets go ahead and just create more private prisons so we can just outright incarcerate anyone who wants government assistance.

      P.s. This is complete satire as I believe drug testing for welfare will yield nearly the same results as Florida…. A LOSS of money… except for the governor who owned the drug testing facility… interesting 🙂

  36. I think people who have commented about the distribution of use across races are misguided. The real culprit here is single motherhood. Go look at the IRS tables for income by family structure marital status. What you will see is that the bottom two quintiles of the income distribution is dominated, completely dominated by single parent (let’s be real, single mothers) and their offspring. This is why child poverty is skyrocketing. No dads raising their kids. It so happens this is statistically a greater problem in the african american community with 70% of births being out of wedlock, but whites are catching up, with 25% now, and hispanics at about 40%. This problem is exploding. Simply exploding. And it explains more than food stamps, it also relates to our awful school performance. Kids in single family homes statistically perform far worse than students in intact nuclear families with both parents present. But we keep handing out condoms in schools telling them to “practice” safe sex….it’s a positive verb people, like you’d tell them to practice piano or their jump shot. “Just say No” to drugs was hailed as a brilliant strategy, but we can’t possibly tell young vulnerable girls to keep their pants on because they will be stuck in poverty if they don’t. 85% of all incarcerated individuals also come from single parent households or broken homes.

    This is not rocket science.

    Also, EBT should not be accepted for Junk Food, and it is. 7-11 and all manner of convenience stores, which carry nothing but junk food, and all the beverage/soda companies lobby to no end to have their products covered and purchasable by EBT. As do the fast food joints. No. It should be for your basic groceries only, bread, milk, eggs, produce, rice, grains. No soda. No potato chips. No cookies or candy.

  37. What is the matter with some of the supermarkets that throw all of that good food away ? Tons of it ! They could write it off and let poor families have that rather than throwing it away. No, I am not talking about spoiled stuff either, but perfectly good edible foods. Some examples I personally know of; my husband used to work for a local chain supermarket in the deli dept., he prepared the roast chickens, made the salads and sliced the hams, etc. So everyday, after a certain time, they have to toss out perfectly good chickens, salads, etc. O M G that’s so really awful ! It makes me so mad to think of it, and he was angry too, but had to follow their stupid directions. The store could have donated or let others have those, or let some one arrange to come pick them up. Food waste and GREED is the root cause of poverty. Farmers are paid not to grow crops, stores waste food and no body in the government cares, kids go to school with little or nothing and are expected to learn. Elderly people are undernourished. Working people paying high rents are not eating like they should, then they get sick and miss work. GREED and those who enforce it have no heart, they will learn what it’s like to go without food themselves, it’s just a matter of time.

    1. They did the same thing during the Great Depression – crops were burned to keep prices up while hungry people watched.

  38. Great job! I would like to see similar data on Medicaid. It’s my observation that approximately 80% of the people who actually “get through” on the health exchange websites simply end up on Medicaid or receiving huge Government subsidies to buy one of the only four plans available. Obama Care doesn’t fix anything, it just creates a larger, more controlling, oppressive welfare program that disincentivizes people to work more or harder. Democrats want an army of “part time” worker ants that rely upon Food Stamps and Medicaid and will vote for them to keep the handouts. The thresholds to qualify for subsidies are obscene. People who make as much as the threshold CAN afford healthcare on their own, but who doesn’t want something for free! Liberals are treacherous scam artist.

  39. The bottom line is that it is a disgrace that so many people need food stamps. It is not free loaders. It is poor white families and the elderly that need this food. Our politicians have failed us miserably. We need a a couple of changes in the constitution.
    1. Salaries and expenses for congressmen should be fixed at double the national average income. This way they would be encouraged to make us all do better.
    2.If they fail to pass a budget they should not be paid.
    3.We should restore one person one vote. Only individuals should be allowed to vote and only individual USA citizens should be allowed to donate to political campaigns.

  40. Well, I use to work in a factory not big wages not the union type of jobs that you guys are talking about. The factories I worked in were mainly Hispanics and many of them were here illegality. Factory jobs require more skilled these days to run the machines which they didn’t when I worked in them. In fact Grocery store jobs paid just as good 20 years ago before Walmart came about. Why not get wages up again in store jobs before Walmart cut out the unions.

    1. “before Walmart cut out the unions” they did that when? Blaming Bush, Obama, Walmart, Wal Street, the Rich, Democrats, Republicans, blacks, whites, etc is getting tired and stale.

      Perhaps it’s time to own up and take responsibility. We have sit back and let our culture decline in a death spiral. We accept (and even argue over) declining values, morals and increasing dependency. What happened to the moral, self sufficient pioneer spirit that made our country the envy of the world? Now it’s us vs them and blame the other side. We may have arrived on different ships but we’re in the same boat now.

      We should be instituting a return to the family unit, improved skills, pride in our accomplishment (real – not everyone gets a trophy), a strong work ethic, parenting, personal responsibility and the other values we are losing.

      Blaming, whining and pointing fingers get us nowhere.

  41. I don’t see any statement that the noted dollars are in real, not nominal. This is required of any comparison between years. Anything less is meaningless. Per capita is also necessary as population itself groww.

    The other significant requirement is that counts of people be in percentage of population. I see a few precentages but also a number of absolute levels. Absolute levels is meaningless for comparing between years.

    Very good, though. It will be better when corrected.

    Thanks for noting the connection to China becoming a global competitor. Every economic issue today can be traced back to that 1998/2001 time frame. A significant problem is the absolute advantage. A number of people noted, in the few years following, that the result would be a decline in standard of living for workers in more mature national markets. (i.e. US, England, etc.) The standard of living between China and the US has to converge before the markets are balanced.

    1. I see the comment “the amount has risen steadily, primarily due to inflation”. That’s the thing. It is inflation adjusted dollars that have meaning, not nominal.

  42. Wow, all these talking heads giving history lessons, political lessons…the numbers speak for themselves…stfu!!!!!!!

  43. Job creation is key to helping with this food stamp dilemma. Our current President, in his attempt to fundamentally transform our country, has done all in his power to discourage job creation. The middle class is being pinched from all directions. Businesses are locating their headquarters in Canada and elsewhere, to avoid our extremely high taxes. The U.S. Tax Burden on Business is one of the worst in the industrialized world – now ranked #32, higher than Sudan, Kenya, and North Korea, to mention a few. Obama has more than doubled the number of people on food stamps. When Obama’s Dept. of Health & Human Services, in 2012, notified states that they were able to apply for a waiver for the work requirements of the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), this contributed to our welfare nightmare. The Obama administration stated that the change was made in order to allow more flexibility in how individual states operate their welfare programs. This move has made more people dependent on our government. And, Washington is happy.

  44. Hi Matt,
    I am working on a book entitled “Money is Master” and would like to use material from your “Food Stamps Charts” from October 3, 2014. Thanks so much. Your help is greatly appreciated.


  45. Matt,
    Interesting blog. I am a firm believer that the program needs to be reformed. I have a family member who abuses the system and often trades food stamps for drugs. Many do use it what it’s intended for, however, there are a lot who don’t. Many people don’t work because they get more money sitting on their butts doing nothing. Many feel that this is a way of life and feel very entitled to their tax payer provided benefits.
    Your charts are interesting. The race one is unnecessary, a hand out is a hand out, regardless of race.
    I am a highly respected member of the US Military, and have done 3 tours placing my life on the line for the protection of this country. I have spent time away from my family months at a time. The depressing thing is that the average person on assistance receives twice as much in food stamps than what the military pays its active duty personnel in BAS. Medicaid is a better health care plan than what is offered to military personnel. Military pay dependency status is either you have dependents, or you don’t. I do not get any extra pay for each child I have, much unlike welfare. I pay my cell phone bill each month, no Obama phone here. The military drug tests me regularly, yet there is no required drug test for welfare recipients. Somehow these people get a tax return of 10 grand, I’m lucky if I get one at all.
    We make this too easy. Some families have been on welfare for generations. They think that it is a way of life and they are entitled to these benefits for simply being alive. Roosevelt did it right during the depression. He gave people jobs, such as the TVA. If Obama attempted this today, we would most likely see a huge spike in people filing for disability.
    Job creation will help, but only those who are willing to work. There has been a lot of new jobs where I am from, help wanted signs are posted everywhere. Yet some are refusing to work, stating that they do not want to lose their benefits, or that they flat out make more money collecting benefits. The excuse of “I can’t find a job” really doesn’t fly anymore. “I don’t want to work” is a more appropriate response.
    About 10 years ago, I was laid off, down and out. I did whatever I could to make ends meet, at one point working 3 different low paying jobs, never once did I go on any type of assistance. Pride and work ethic will get you off of assistance more than anything else. If someone is working as hard as they can and still can’t make ends meet, that’s what the program is for. It is not intended for freeloading.

  46. To add to this, after I read some posts to this blog, let’s get one thing straight. I am not “blessed” for having the opportunity to be where I am in life. What the hell! Do people honestly think I just sat back and someone handed me the life that I have today?? I had to work my ass off for it. I graduated high school, and graduated college, and dealt with those student loans. While welfare cry babies were sitting on their asses doing nothing, I was going to college plunging myself into debt with student loans, studying for hours daily, and earned my degree. My wife did the same thing. I didn’t get mixed up in drugs. I didn’t have a bunch of kids with some loser that I couldn’t afford. I went through boot camp (which was 2 1/2 months of hell), been deployed multiple times, often not seeing my family for months at a time. I have made a career out of the military, and my wife has a career of her own.
    The point here is that me and my wife both put in our time. Let’s rewind to high school. Johnny Welfare had the same opportunities as I did at 15 or 16. The difference between Johnny Welfare and me is that he didn’t want to make the sacrifices I made to better my life. Sorry, you made your bed, now lay in it.
    I don’t want to hear anyone’s sob story. The only reason why someone is stuck in the food stamp/welfare black hole is because they put themselves there.
    This is not aimed at those who use the program for what it is intended for. I applaud them. This is aimed at those who abuse it and make excuses.

  47. Excellent compilation of statistics. I look forward to seeing updates.

    I do have a question. One of the footnotes says all the annual totals are October to October totals. In effect, fiscal year totals. So in your charts 2009, say, span 10/08 to 9/09, or 10/09 to 9/10?

    Thanks. …/don

  48. Being on the dole was created for the overwhelming poverty of the time. Black people weren’t allowed on, nor women at some point until years later. At the time this wasn’t a problem, UNTIL black women were allowed on and they were labelled “LAZY” smh. Makes you shake your head in despair at the hypocrisy and disconnect.

  49. Until the reagan and bush tax cuts for the rich are repealed and the country starts to grow the middle class that these tax policies destroyed, there will continue to be more poor people. Duh.

    Until the military spending is cut 50% and those funds put into education, infrastructure and training people for new jobs in the future, the country will continue to be more dumbed down by the likes of Fox noose, and the other fake corporate media. Duh.

    But hey, blame it all on Obama who inherited a country in depression and two wars. Don’t get me wrong, his failure to kill the reckless, irresponsible and destructive bush tax cuts ranks as a colossal blunder, but the mess isn’t his.

  50. I just can’t seem to rationalize the news and POTUS insistence the economy is better than ever, but then are more people than ever on Food Stamps, so if the economy is so perfect why are so many people scamming the food stamp program?

  51. Hi Matt,

    Very nice blog. I didn’t know much about the food stamp program before reading it. A friend of mine is circulating a meme comparing food stamp recipients to animals which I think is very cruel. We live in a time where men’s hearts have grown cold.


  52. Government programs are an economic driver to sustain our economy,the annual income isn’t enough to support a family and lastly government programs help the elderly and children of our society.

  53. Susan Thompson – The slavery part is partially incorrect…bits and pieces of truth is what we’ve been feed all our lives. There’s some legitimate, truthful info that brings it all together. Black White Yellow Red…scholars have risked their reputation, and some, their lives, to reveal the truth. What a lot of people fail to do, when gathering information, is use discernment. God will let you know what’s right and what’s wrong, but the #1 book to start with, is The Bible!

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