The General Theory of Day-Trading

A Grand Unification of

Chart Patterns
Mean Reversion
Mean Revision
Pattern Immortality
Pattern Symmetry
Pattern Morphology
Support & Resistance
Technical Momentum Ignition
Inner Game
All Culminating in:
Trader Transcendence
Matt Trivisonno
Published on March 11, 2016

This book is $100.

The General Theory of Day-Trading (GToD) is an historic breakthrough in the art of trading. This book presents a panoply of new theoretical and practical knowledge essential to all traders and investors.

This is a 331 page e-book (PDF) illustrated with over 100 diagrams and price charts. While the GToD contains many very advanced concepts, I have endeavored to make the book accessible to newbies. Concepts are introduced gradually, and described in a common-sense style. And there are two dedicated chapters: Tools of the Trade, and Instructions for Rookies.

Experienced traders should brace themselves for a mind-blowing experience. So many light-bulbs will be going off above your head that the people around you will be blinded.