Stanley Kubrick Whitewashed the Illuminati

Conspiracy aficionados are enamored of Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut. They believe that Kubrick showed us an authentic Illuminati ritual, and exposed the evil nature of the group. However, while I’m not disputing the occult content of the movie, I assert that the net effect of the film on the millions who viewed it was to make the Illuminati look mostly harmless.

Tom Cruise, in the black cloak on the right, gets the third degree from Kubrick's Illuminati.

Tom Cruise, in the black cloak on the right, gets the third degree from Kubrick’s Illuminati.

Kubrick’s Illuminati doesn’t do anything flagrantly evil. They hire hookers; they rough-up a piano player; they follow Dr. Bill on the street, and they threaten Dr. Bill in a politely written note hand delivered by a butler. You call that an Illuminati? Ha! In its heyday, Italy’s P2 lodge did more crime before breakfast! Compared to the Sopranos, Kubrick’s Illuminati are a bunch of choir boys. Kubrick would have us believe that the Illuminati is just a bunch of weirdo swingers. And he gives us no hint as to who the Grand Poobah in the red robe is. It’s got to be a banker, right?

Most. Boring. Orgy. Ever.
Even the orgy scene in EWS is tame. Yes, Warner Bros. blocked out some explicit content, but that doesn’t change the fact that it looked like somebody spiked the Illuminati punch bowl with sleeping pills.

In fact, the entire movie exhibited glacially slow pacing; almost as if Kubrick was trying to hypnotize us. I mean, here we have Tom Cruise being captured by a sinister secret society, and there is no action in the movie at all. And no laughs either – that might break the hypnotic spell. And it goes on and on and on for an incredible 159 minutes which feels like double that length. Eyes Wide Shut will literally put you to sleep – despite the fact that it is loaded with naked chicks!

“You’re getting sleepy, very sleepy. When you wake up from this boring movie you will believe the Illuminati is harmless.”

And it’s not a joke, because when a genius director like Kubrick makes a boring movie, it’s not an accident. Ladies and gentleman, I submit to you: EWS is a psy-op just like Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy.

Now, there is a character who pimps out his underage daughter (Milich at the costume shop) however he isn’t portrayed as a part of the Illuminati. And even there, the girl is game, so that makes it look less sinister. So Kubrick also whitewashes pedophilia, one of the Illuminati’s favorite pastimes.

Let’s look at a creepy subplot. In the frame below, we see two characters that we might call Square Head and Round Head at the 12:55 mark (click image to enlarge):


They are sitting at a table at the foot of the stairs, possibly as guards. The guy on the left has a square-ish head. The guy on the right has a rounded head. Perhaps Kubrick chose their distinctive head shapes so that we would recognize them more easily later in the movie. They have no lines. Their appearance here is significant because this is where Dr. Bill (far left) first learns that the Christmas party is less than wholesome. At the top of the stairs, he finds the host, Victor Ziegler, with a hooker who just overdosed.

The next time that we see Square Head and Round Head is at the end of the movie (2:30:35) in the toy store:


Kubrick puts them dead center to make sure that we get a good look. While Bill & Alice distract us with the boring, anti-climactic end of the film, we imagine their daughter Helena following the Illuminati operatives out to the creeper van. Now that’s alarming, but even here it’s not as sinister as it seems. First, Square Head and Round Head are not snatching the child. Second, before Helena follows them out of sight, she looks back at her parents, seemingly for approval:


Dr. Bill & Alice are not concerned at all. In fact, they dreaded the idea of taking her Christmas shopping, and acted indifferent as she enthusiastically picked out toys. For the remaining three minutes of the film, Bill & Alice don’t so much as glance in the direction of the last whereabouts of their child, displaying parental negligence. And finally, this sequence of events is so subtle that very few, if any, theater-goers probably noticed it at all. And so Kubrick softens the blow of the Illuminati’s acquisition of under-age sex slaves. He makes it look peaceful and voluntary, and perpetrated on parents who might deserve it.

As to the film’s title, I understand that the phrase is the Illuminati equivalent to the Mafia’s: “you didn’t see anything.” And we didn’t see Dr. Bill ever notify the authorities: he didn’t call 911 for the hooker who overdosed, he didn’t notify the police about Milich pimping out his underage daughter at the costume shop, etc. He kept his eyes wide shut, and the title of the film should be understood as a command from Kubrick to yourself. If you ever see any Illuminati crime, just dummy up like the great movie stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

So, the conspiracy community needs to calm down about EWS. Indeed, a complete re-evaluation of Kubrick’s body of work from a less-credulous perspective is in order. I submit to you: not only are Dr. Bill’s eyes wide shut, but so are Mr. Kubrick’s. Another example is the famous Ludovico Technique shown in Kubrick’s film A Clockwork Orange:


In the film, this form of torture is used to cure Alex, the violent psychopath. But in real life, the London Times reported that Lt. Commander Thomas Narut of the U.S. Navy used the technique to do the exact opposite: to train assassins.

The moral of the story is that when a member of the esoteric world makes a film for us out here in the real (exoteric) world, he’s probably not doing us a favor. Rather, he’s probably running a psy-op on us.

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Note on the boring plot of Eyes Wide Shut: the conflict between Alice and Bill begins when Alice ditches Bill at the party, chugs down a glass of wine, and goes to flirt with a guy at the bar. So, she starts it. Bill makes it worse by telling Alice a white lie about where he disappeared to at the party, keeping his eyes wide shut even with his wife. Though Bill didn’t cheat on his wife at the party, Alice knows that he is lying about something, and proceeds to go berserk on him, torturing him with all kinds horrible tales of infidelity.

6 thoughts on “Stanley Kubrick Whitewashed the Illuminati

  1. Vital Facts:

    1) The “Illuminati” base their belief system, their rituals, and the technology they use to control humanity primarily on extremely perverse deviant sex.

    2) The “Illuminati” have been actively promoting deviant sexual behavior of all types for centuries, but have accelerated their manipulation of society rapidly in recent years. In 2013 sexual perversion of all kinds is ubiquitous in every society because of the diligent work of the “Illuminated”. The “Extreme Perversion Normalization Initiative” (EPNI) has thousands of employees dedicated to nothing but creating and spreading perverse sexual ideas and images through society – images such as we see above.

    3) Through hidden signals in popular media such as music, television, movies, video games, and pornography – EPNI has “pre-programmed” tens of millions of unsuspecting people with Monarch programming. With this pre-programming, traditional Monarch sex puppet training that would have required years of childhood trauma in decades ago can now be accomplished remotely – simply by having the subject view enough media encoded with hidden Monarch signals over a long enough period of time.

    4) Once a subject has had sufficient exposure to pre-programming signals – the “Illuminati” are able to remotely activate this programming and seize total control of the subject’s body at any time. Once activated, these unfortunate subjects become remote controlled Monarch Sex Puppets who are then used for every sort of deviant sexual and criminal purpose imaginable.

    5) Many people reading this are likely already completely infected with EPNI Monarch Programming and are already being used as Monarch Sex Puppets without their knowledge. The “Illuminati” wipe all memory of Puppet Time at the end of each session and often the only signs that a person has been being used as a amnesiac sex slave puppet are the evidence of lost time, unexplained bruises or ligature marks, unexplained bodily fluids, and a general sense of exhaustion.

    6) “Illuminati” disinformation agents promote the idea that only a handful of people are actual Monarch Sex Slaves and that such programming requires extensive intervention beginning with childhood trauma. However high technology decades in advance of what humanity believes is current permit the Illuminati to program tens of millions of people reading this as Monarch Sex Slaves over the Internet.

    “Illuminati” sex is always perverse – it always promotess BDSM, group sex, bisexuality, and other types of deviance. Illuminati perversions echo through popular culture:Bloodplay, Accident Fetishism popularized by “Illuminated” writers such as J.G. Ballard, Gunplay….The promotion of the Bonobo lifestyle of hedonistic group sex….Semen divination and mind control through sementic technologies cannot be understated. Semenancy is everything to Them. The list goes on and on…..

    Illuminati Group sex is always performed on many sex drugs.

    There are two keys to understanding any of this that most researchers overlook or misunderstand. Firstly, deviant sex magick is at the heart of “Illuminati” ritual and is also one of the key means by which they control unsuspecting minds and take control of unsuspecting bodies for sex puppetry. Secondly, the “Illuminati” are taunting humanity constantly (or “scene-ing” humanity to use their BDSM terminology) through obvious references to these very secret and perverse ritual practices they so adore. This taunting serves three ends: it is part of their great mind sex magick ritual in and of itself, it is one of the primary ways they agitate and destabilize human consciousness to make people more susceptible to mind control, and it is one of the ways through which they spread hidden Monarch Sex Puppet Control Codes themselves.

    Check yourselves – Have you lost time? Are you tired? Any unexplained bruises or fluids? You may be being used as a Monarch Sex Puppet to commit acts of perversion on your friends and family. Educate yourselves before it is too late!

    1. Interesting, Joanna. I’m wondering if you feel you have been lured into their web of pay-op entraining, but you have wrested yourself from that influence.


    1. Well, Mr. Straw is still lying because it wasn’t a “mistake.” It was a premeditated attack on British workers with predictable consequences. But at least he has been forced to backpedal.

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