List of Software Products

This is a list of my currently available software products. I have not listed my discontinued products written in Visual Basic back in the 1990s. There were about a dozen of those. All told, I have executed about 30 product-development cycles doing everything from a-to-z: conceiving the product, designing the SQL database, designing the UX and UI, writing the code, testing the code, writing the user manual, setting up the website, doing the marketing & SEO, doing the customer support, processing the transactions, maintaining the customer database, etc.

All of my products are written in the Xojo programming language with the exception of BlubberPatrol (Java & Apex/Visualforce) and The Daily Jobs Update (WordPress, PHP, MySQL).

Program Description
Fractal Stock Grapher Plots the Fractal Dimension Index on stock charts. It pulls data from the Yahoo Finance API, runs it through the Sevcik algorithm, and draws the chart using the Google Chart API.
Rank-O-Matic For webmasters who want to keep track of how their Alexa Rank compares to their competitors.
The Salsa Rhythm Machine Teaches salsa-dance students how to get the elusive rhythm in salsa music.
TradeNagger Reminds day-traders of their trading rules using text-to-speech.
BlubberPatrol (Java) Android app to easily keep track of your weight.
BlubberPatrol (Apex) An Apex/Visualforce implementation of the app above.
The Daily Jobs Update Subscription website were I do economic analysis using the withholding-tax data released daily by the Treasury Department. I wrote a set of PHP plugins to do various things including making the charts via the Google Visualization API.
SuperNZB Downloads files from Usenet using the NZB method. This app features extensive use of threads.
NZB Feed Leecher After you enter your specifications, this app scans the RSS feeds of indexing sites, downloads any matching NZB files, and then downloads from Usenet. The app is designed to run around the clock.
ezGroups A Usenet binary downloader with a GUI fine-tuned to help newbies manage this otherwise complex process.
NewzScape A non-stop, automatic, binary downloader designed for power users.
ezNZB Super-easy NZB client program takes newbies step-by-step through the complex process.
The unPoster Unique Usenet scanner for groups with millions of posts. Does an enormous number of SQLite database updates with fine-tuned threaded code. Mentioned on
JpegJet Easy Usenet image downloader designed for newbies.
DupeNuker Find and remove duplicate files. Use with any Usenet downloader. Uses CRC-32 checksums to identify dupes.
NewzToolz Free Usenet client with yEnc, RAR, and PAR decoders. Read and post to newsgroups, post large files, and other utilities.
WatchFast Quickly sort out the files you download, and play multi-window slideshows.


I am the author of 99.9% of everything you see on,, and, not including comments, of course. Here are a couple of examples of my tech writing:

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