The Miami Beach Construction Balloon

I’ve never heard of one of these things before, so I’m calling it a “Construction Balloon.”

I thought that it would be a temporary measure when it was installed in late 2016, and would be removed when the little “falling over” problem was fixed. But it is still here in May 2017, and has become a tourist attraction. So, maybe it is here to stay.

This is in the Art Deco District of Miami Beach where there are strict rules about renovating old buildings. So, I’m guessing that something went horribly wrong while they were renovating the building on the right (west) and the problem didn’t become visible until it was too late. If you have the story, be sure to let me know. A Google search turned up nothing at the time of this writing.

The balloon is only a few stories up, so you can get your picture taken under it. To find it, click the map below and look for the red “X” in the center:

Ocean Court, and 14th Place are allies. I see delivery trucks in there, so you can drive in, but it’s probably better to park and walk. You might aim for the Starbucks on Ocean Drive at the north end of Lummus Park. Once there, just walk west across the street, and then into the alley.