Myles Garrett Promises More Mayhem

While talking to the press after signing his $125 million contract with the Browns, Myles Garrett said:

“I am just going to play the game how I have always played it, and that is not dirty.”

Sound familiar? That’s exactly what Garrett said after being fined $42,000 after the Jets game in Week 2 of the 2019 season:

“…just gonna play the game like it’s supposed to be played.”

And we all know what happened eight games later in the Browns’ first game against the Steelers: Garrett was suspended indefinitely. Garrett’s attitude translates into more penalties, fines, and suspensions. So, Brown’s fans, brace yourselves for another disappointing season.

Even after the second-longest suspension for on-field misconduct in NFL history, Garrett is still unrepentant. How is that even possible? I guess all the therapy and discussions with NFL officials didn’t take. And this all reflects badly on Browns’ new head-coach Kevin Stefanski, and owners, Dee & Jimmy Haslam who have failed to get Garrett to recognize the player-safety goals of the NFL.

Last week, former NFL scout, John Middlekauff said on his podcast that he would never bet on the Browns because of their bad ownership. Browns fans are ecstatic about the upgrades made to the Browns roster, coaching staff, and front office for the 2020 season. But you have to wonder; is there any amount of talent that can overcome bad ownership? Are the Browns doomed to being the most-talented mediocrity in the league?

In any case, the Browns should start thinking about using their #1 draft pick in 2021 for a defensive end; probably not what they are thinking right now. But with Garrett all but promising further suspensions, Browns management needs to be focused on a Plan B. Because last year’s Plan B was a disaster with the Browns going 2-4 in the last six games of the season, which were supposed to be the easy part of their schedule. The Browns defense just fell apart without Garrett.

Garrett is a great player. But depending upon him to be available to play is just bad management.