What Came First? The Alex-Jones Chicken or the Police-State Egg?

October 12th, 2014

Alex Jones would have us believe that the USA was once a fairy-land of liberty, peace, and tranquility. And then the big, bad federal government came along and established a police state, which Jones now claims to be heroically fighting.

But is that really the case? Or is it just the opposite? Could it be that the federal government’s power was expanded, in part, to subjugate rebels exactly like Alex Jones, who were causing trouble long before the federal government could even dream of being a police state? I believe an historian could make a good case for such a view.

In 1791, when Alex Jones’ idol, George Washington put down the Whiskey Rebellion, he had to do so with troops borrowed from the various state militias. There was no standing army, and no federal police state whatsoever, but there were plenty of Jonesian, Tea Party-type knuckleheads demanding sovereignty.

The USA omelet was created by the U.S. Army breaking lots of eggs: miscellaneous rebels, Confederates, Mormons, Mexicans, Native Americans, etc. Was it wrong to construct the greatest nation in history? Maybe, but if you polled the people, I think most would prefer the omelet to a crazy patchwork of small nations led by the likes of Alex Jones.

Posse Comitatus
If there is anything that Alex Jones hates more than police, it’s soldiers. In his films, there are numerous scenes where Jones paints soldiers as freedom-hating Nazis. Why the hate? Because of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which forbade the U.S. armed forces from acting in any kind of police role on U.S. soil. It’s sort of like how the CIA isn’t supposed to spy on Americans; just foreigners.

Jones carries on like Posse Comitatus is the most-sacred law of the Republic; right up there with the Second Amendment. But if it’s so important, how did the USA get along without it for the first 100 years of our existence?

The truth is that Posse Comitatus is only sacred to Confederate types like Jones. If you read the history of the Act, it is one of the things that the white-supremacist Democratic party voted into law while in the process of ending the Reconstruction period in the aftermath of the Civil War. It’s pretty simple; they wanted a law that would prevent the Yankee army from interfering in formerly Confederate states as they went about the business of re-subjugating black people.

Alex Jones would have us believe that it Is always evil incarnate whenever the Army does something in the USA, but is that the case? Obviously not. For example, in 2009 the Army helped a Mississippi sheriff deal with a serial killer on the loose. It was just common sense for the sheriff to ask the nearby Army base for help (see the Samson mass-shooting event).

Alex Jones openly advocates that Texas secede from the union – again. He would happily plunge the USA into civil war – again. Imagine Jones leading a mass protest demanding Texas independence, and overwhelming the Texas police and national guard. In that event, Jones wants the U.S. Army to stand down and let him do as he pleases.

The issue of how and when the Army can operate on U.S. soil is a legitimate one. But Jones carries on like Posse Comitatus is the only thing keeping us from falling under the dominance of a totalitarian police state. But in reality, Jones is for Posse Comitatus for his own selfish reasons: it weakens the federal government, it weakens the security of the U.S. homeland, and it makes it easier for Jones to smash apart the USA.

Alex Jones Loves Checkpoints
One of the things Jones likes to make a stink about is police checkpoints on the highway. For example, if you start watching his film Police State 2000 at the 10:45 mark, you will see Jones harassing police officers:

Jones sneers at the officers, calling them Nazis, cowards, weaklings, and criminals. What terrible crimes against humanity were they committing? Hard to say because Jones never said what the checkpoint was about. Perhaps he was embarrassed when he found out that there had a been a prison break, or a child kidnapped, so he left the reason out of the film – which is something only a propagandist would do. A real journalist would make sure viewers knew the reason.

In any case, Jones’ visceral hatred of checkpoints only applies to police; it does not apply to Jones’ pals. When Cliven Bundy’s militia set up checkpoints on Nevada roads, Jones did not have a single word of criticism. In fact, Jones bent over backwards to rationalize Bundy’s racist comments, and had him as a guest on his podcast a few times. Jones didn’t even mention the checkpoints as I recall. (You can see a photo of a Bundy checkpoint at the bottom of this page.)

Jones also worships Bundy’s Mormon cousins in Mexico – who operate military-style checkpoints, road blocks, and watchtowers. See the 20:09 mark of Vice’s documentary The Mexican Mormon War:

Yes, the Mexican Mormons are battling drug dealers, but why are their checkpoints saintly while the Austin police checkpoints are pure evil? The answer is that Jones simply hates police and would probably replace them with armed militias who don’t answer to anybody.

Did Alex Jones Really Expose the Bohemian Grove?

October 12th, 2014

Alex Jones’ claim to fame is his alleged, crashing, and exposing of the elite Bohemian Grove. However, his film starts right off with campy horror-movie music, which announces the film as not-serious, and maybe even a joke. Listen to the first few seconds:

Jones’ film actually shows us less of Bohemian Grove than this brief news report that was broadcast twenty years prior:

And this gentleman thinks that Jones faked the whole thing (note: Jones says “lie-berries” at the 5:30 mark):

Alex Jones is a Dummy

October 12th, 2014

Alex Jones often cites John Carpenter’s 1988 film They Live as an exposé of how we are brainwashed. However, that is only the beginning of the story. It turns out that the aliens are running the Earth as a business, and the film is actually a left-wing attack on capitalism. They Live was released on November 4, 1988 – just four days before the presidential election, with the intent, no doubt, of swaying voters to the Democratic ticket.

At the 1:20:38 mark we see business-suit clad alien managers being transported home to Andromeda after a hard day’s work of exploiting Earth (click to enlarge):

They Live

Jones, of course, is a little capitalist, or Petite Bourgeois, and can’t even figure out when the Left is attacking his ideology.

Jones said that the 2014 film Captain America – Winter Soldier “exposed” the Nazis in the government during the August 19, 2014 episode of his podcast (2:46:05). But the movie had a “happy” ending that Jones completely missed. The non-Hydra SHIELD agents went to work for the “good guys.” Here we see Agent 13 at her new job with the CIA (2:02:06):

Agent 13

So, the bad guys were found in a fictional intelligence agency (SHIELD), and the CIA is portrayed as pristine – the exact opposite of what Jones thought it was. Also, Jones completely missed the art-film style gay romance between Captain America and the Winter Soldier. I’m sure that Jones would have had something derogatory to say about it if he had the wit to notice it. Hint: Cap refused to make out with Romanov – duh! (Start at 56:30 and watch for a few minutes.)

Jones can’t say “Molotov Cocktail” instead he says “Molov”. He can say “library” sometimes, but when he tries to use the plural he says “lie-berry.” For example, when he says something like: “I’ve been to many lie-berries.” (See the next post for an example.)

But if you don’t think a dummy like Alex Jones could start a civil war, think again. The Civil War was started by people exactly like Jones. According to historian Paul Johnson (A History of the American People, page 458):

“The quality of Southern leadership, intellectually at least, was poor. The reason for secession, put into the declarations of each state, made no sense, and merely reflected the region’s paranoia. Mississippi’s said: ‘the people of the Northern states have assumed a revolutionary position towards the Southern states.’ They had ‘insulted and outraged our citizens when traveling amongst them…by taking their servants and liberating the same.’ They had ‘encouraged a hostile invasion of a Southern state to incite insurrection, murder and rapine.’ South Carolina’s was equally odd, ending in a denunciation of Lincoln, ‘whose opinions and purposes are hostile to slavery.'”

When Alex Jones writes his Declaration of Secession for Texas, it won’t be any brighter.

Alex Jones is a Phony

October 12th, 2014

In his “American Dictators” film, Alex Jones shows himself doing his act for comedian Joe Rogan and his pals. Jones turns his ranting on-and-off like a light-switch. Rogan exclaims: “That’s the A Game right there!” See the 41:35 mark:

It is bizarre that Jones would show this footage exposing his persona as just an act, but he probably couldn’t resist displaying praise from somebody in show biz. You see, more than anything else, Alex Jones wants to be famous.

“American Dictators” was in 2004. Ten years later, Rogan has his own popular podcast and during the July 30, 2014 episode (#528 at 1:54:25) he made the following comments:

“You develop a pattern where you automatically assume the world’s out to get you. I know a dude, and I wouldn’t say he was smart because socially he is very dumb, but he collects a lot of information and he believes he’s smart because he collects a lot of information. He runs a podcast, he’s a conspiracy theorist to the maximum, like he believes in chemtrails, and anybody who disagrees with him is an idiot, he’s super confrontational about it. But he thinks that he’s really bright, but anybody who listens to his podcast who’s objective could say that there’s something wrong with this guy; like he thinks that everyone is a CIA disinformation agent and it’s really, really bizarre when you listen. Like, he’s accused me of being a disinformation agent for the CIA or the FBI. It’s so f___ing stupid, but in his mind he makes all these connections and he believes that conspiracies abound and that they are everywhere, and I would love to see what’s wrong with his brain. I would love to go on a schematic tour of the synapses and how they fire and go: oh, you’ve got Asperger’s, oh you’ve got a disease.”

Rogan did not name Jones, but who else could possibly fit this description?

Note: Rogan had been discussing technology to record your thought processes and then allow other people to view them in virtual reality. So, that’s why he mentioned “synapses.”

As you may recall, back in 2013 Jones went on the Piers Morgan show on CNN and did quite a lot of shouting about gun control:

Howard Stern saw the show and was fascinated by Jones’ demonic energy. Stern invited Jones onto his radio show and interviewed him over the phone. Jones yukked it up with Stern and had a great time. For weeks afterward on his podcast, Jones gushed about Stern like a star-struck schoolgirl, and bragged about appearing on one of the other shows on the Stern channel (Leiberman Live).

This is revealing because Jones claims to be battling people like Stern. Stern has no knowledge of, or interest in conspiracy theories, and is a huge supporter of the police state. Stern supported Stop-and-Frisk, Mayor Giuliani, Mayor Bloomberg, etc. and wants the police state to be expanded.

And there was Alex Jones kissing his ass. What a pathetic phony.

Alex Jones Channels Bill Rockefeller

October 12th, 2014

Alex Jones likes to point out that John D. Rockefeller’s father was a con man, and so he was. William Avery Rockefeller was a traveling salesman who peddled elixirs such as an alleged cancer cure, and a product called “Wonder Working Liniment” which was a bottle of crude oil.

But take a look at Jones’ store; it’s filled with elixirs! I’m sure that Jones’ products are of higher quality, but still, there he is on his podcast doing his carnival-barker shtick just like old Doc Rockefeller.

Another fascinating parallel is that Jones often brags about his sharpshooting ability – just like Doc Rockefeller! From the New York Times:

“A crack shot, he made the circuit of shooting contests, often bringing home prize money.”

Also, from this page:

“Blessed with incredible marksmanship, Rockefeller’s practice at times was to introduce himself to a village by way of a shooting contest. After he shot a smoking pipe or an apple from two hundred yards, it was only natural for his words to carry some legitimacy with the townspeople.”

It’s entirely possible that Jones is the reincarnation of Doc Rock!

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Note: Avery was the great grandfather of America’s economic dictator, David Rockefeller.