Mahatma Jones

August 2nd, 2014

At first, it sounds crazy to compare Alex Jones to Gandhi, but if you look at what happened in India after Gandhi kicked out the British you will see the logic. It wasn’t all puppy dogs, rainbows, and lollipops. In fact, it was just the opposite: mayhem. The famous quote wrongly attributed to Gandhi should be updated to:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Then all hell breaks loose because you didn’t have a plan.”

The British Empire was “The Man” in India, keeping the peace. When Gandhi succeeded in “Burning the Man” law-and-order broke down. Huge numbers of people were killed in riots and massacres, and millions were made homeless as Hindus and Muslims went at each other’s throats (see this). Gandhi preached religious harmony, but nobody listened.

Alex Jones wants to burn the man here in the USA, just like Gandhi did. If you have seen his films, you know that Jones has practically devoted his life to demonizing police authorities: FBI, state police, sheriffs, local police, National Guard. Jones thinks that burning the man will lead to “Renaissance” (as he likes to say) which is proof that he is a profoundly ignorant man.

Now, maybe you are thinking that the USA is very much different from India, and that we would be much more well-behaved in the absence of any police power. But what is the American homeland if not an empire of conquered peoples? Down south, there is the subjugated Confederate States of America (CSA), out west there is the conquered Mormon nation of Deseret, in the southwest, there are vast lands conquered from Mexico, and all across the country there are conquered First Nations of Native Americans. All of those peoples were subjugated by force of arms.

Ancient history? For the most part, yes, but it was only fifty years ago when the CSA had to be re-subjugated to break George Wallace’s “segregation forever” policy. It was only 1973 when Sioux warriors seized the town of Wounded Knee in South Dakota. And this year, Mormon Cliven Bundy and his militia defeated federal forces at Bunkerville, Nevada.

If Alex Jones succeeds in burning the man, the USA will almost certainly fly apart. Let the record show that I am against the imposition of such chaos.

While the USA did not conquer the lands of African peoples, we certainly did purchase Africans, and kept them subjugated here for a long time. What if Texas were to secede from the Union, and black Texans suddenly realized that the federal laws against slavery were no longer in effect? Would they bug out? Would they head for Yankee territory just like the Muslims of India fled to Pakistan during Gandhi’s chaos? Would they, like the Jewish people, take the opportunity to try to establish a homeland for themselves? Perhaps in Atlanta? Would they petition a foreign power for military aid? I’m sure that Vladimir Putin would arm them with glee.

Would the USA be a better place if Alex Jones got his way? If he collapsed the federal government? If we all went at each other’s throats? If we fought it out, and carved out perhaps a dozen new nations? Would those nations be better than the USA is now? Perhaps, but what kind of imbecile wants to find out the hard way? And just look at India and Pakistan today; glaring at each other with their itchy fingers on nuclear triggers. Ironically, Gandhi’s actions might lead to the nuclear Armageddon that destroys the world.

Note: in the video above, after The Man’s upper body burns, his legs start to resemble a Masonic compass. Probably just a coincidence.

Bear With Me

August 2nd, 2014

My readers don’t like my Alex Jones posts, but it’s really for their own good. One day when they wake up to the news that Alex Jones is the president of the reconstituted Confederate States of America, at least they will know what to expect from the Jones Administration in Austin.

In any case, I have a few more things to say before I wrap up my analysis of Jones. In order to speak authoritatively, I have been listening to Jones’ podcast every day, and I am eager to quit. While Jones is a tremendous performance artist, his work in what I like to call the “Prepper Theater” is profoundly anti-intellectual, and soul-crushing for intelligent people. I am simply not a member of his target audience: low-IQ individuals. So, a couple of more posts, and I will be done with Mahatma Jones.

Alex Jones Channels George W. Bush

July 31st, 2014

Remember when George Bush said:

“Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.”

With that speech, Bush joined the likes of Lenin and Mussolini (see this). And now, so has Alex Jones. During the July 29, 2014 edition of his podcast (at 00:16:55) Jones said:

“There is no debating this; there is no choice. You either join with the evil and be a schmuck, be a chump, be a sucker, be a mark, be a mind-controlled cult member, or you decide that you’re going to resist what’s happening.”

What’s ironic about this is that Jones uses the very same Bush video-clip in nearly all of his films! He obviously thinks that it is a powerful condemnation, and now he’s talking like that himself. This adds weight to my theory that Jones is not much different than the people we wants to dethrone.

What Does Alex Jones Want?

July 26th, 2014

Donuts; lots of donuts, obviously. But what are his goals? If you have ever heard Alex Jones bloviate, you have heard him machine-gunning criticisms without ever making a policy suggestion. Jones is a shock jock, so there is no reason to expect deep thinking from him, but he definitely has goals that he strives for with demonic energy. Alex Jones wants two things: he wants you to be paralyzed with fear, and he wants to destroy the United States of America as a political entity.

Alex Jones has millions of followers. He is the patron saint of the Tea Party, right-wing militias, libertarians, and anarchists. Matt Drudge once predicted that 2013 would be The Year of Alex Jones, and Jones is a major political force, deserving of scrutiny.

Destroying the USA
If you listen to his podcast for long enough, a couple of months perhaps, you will eventually hear Jones shout: “WE WANT LOCAL CONTROL!” What exactly he means by that is unknown because he is not well-thought-out, but it is clear that he is opposed to the concept of central government. The only question is: where would he stop? After destroying Washington, would he then march on Austin and eliminate the state government of Texas? What about the county? What about city hall? What about the homeowners association?

“Local control” can mean a lot of things, and political parties are expected to have a platform, but Jones is not a politician. He is a propagandist. And Jones’ mission is to simply demonize the enemy – the Yankee government in Washington. Jones has a one-point platform: destroy the federal government.

Instilling Fear
The best way to think of Alex Jones is as a human Stuka dive bomber – a terror weapon designed to instill fear in you, the listener. The Stuka was loud, and if Alex Jones is anything, he is loud. When the doctor put the stethoscope on the pregnant belly of Jones’ mother, he heard: “THE STORM TROOPERS ARE COMING TO MARCH YOU INTO A FEMA CAMP!!!” Baby Jones was wrong back then, and he has been wrong ever since; like a million times in a row. But he won’t stop because his goal is not to be right; his goal is to have a fearful audience motivated to buy prepper supplies from his online store and his advertisers. Guns, ammo, body armor, gold, seeds, water filters, survival food – everything you need to survive the impending Armageddon.

If you aren’t afraid of Fukushima radiation, how many bottles of Alex-Jones brand iodine will you buy? Zero. If you aren’t afraid of “chemtrails” how many bottles of “Lung Cleanse” will you buy? None. The world ends each and every day on the Alex Jones podcast, and I’m sure that boosts sales to the slow-witted members of his audience.

You will never, ever hear Alex Jones recommend that you save for retirement. According to him, only an idiot would want to have money in the bank. Smart people prepare for retirement by filling up their attics with prepper supplies. Jones spends a lot of time demonizing the Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S. dollar. If he could undermine the financial system, money from bank accounts could be diverted to his store, the value of the gold buried in his back yard would soar, and he could cut the jugular vein of the federal government. For the same reason, Jones promotes tax-cheat con artists like Irwin Schiff, and urges his audience to “withdraw consent,” which is code for not paying taxes.

Jones’ two goals work together for his meta goal of getting rich off of the destruction of the United States government.

Family Dumpster

July 12th, 2014

On Thursday, Family Dollar Stores, Inc. (FDO) reported a sharp drop in profits, and said they would close 370 stores. When people can’t afford to shop at Sears anymore, they go to Walmart. When they can’t afford Walmart, the go to Family Dollar. But what is the next step down? Family Dumpster.

Now that the multinationals have off-shored the American middle class, the big question is: can they devise a way to monetize dumpster diving. Perhaps they can. I notice that dumpsters are no longer left unattended out back. Now they are enclosed in brick buildings. Maybe during the small hours of the morning, a sales rep from Family Dumpster could open the buildings and charge homeless people a fee to spelunk the dumpsters. I can hear the greeters now: “Welcome to Family Dumpster!”

But seriously, people who have been expelled from the capitalist economy against their will have another option: sharing. For example, if you have no job, but own a house, you can now generate income with the help of There are now such companies for sharing every conceivable thing from baby clothes to cars. And they are growing. Fast. And taking market share from capitalist incumbents.

An Airbnb IPO would probably see the company with a market-cap larger than Hyatt Hotels (H). And it would be poetic justice. As I reported in my book, companies like Hyatt are notorious for breaking unions, firing American workers, and replacing them with desperate immigrants at minimum wage – and then working those immigrants like Alaskan sled dogs. Now, former hotel workers are striking back and taking market share via Airbnb.

Ladies and Gentlemen. What we are seeing is nothing less than the suicide of capitalism. And let the record show that the American people did not turn their back on capitalism. It was international capitalists who turned their back on the American people. Turns out, allowing a fat, drunken, incompetent (David Rockefeller) to design the global economic system wasn’t such a good idea after all. Who knew?

Note: Here are some more sharing companies: Couchsurfing, RelayRides, Getaround, Liquid, Lending Club, Fon, SideCar, Poshmark, Neighborgoods.