The Chiefs Should Fear the Browns

It seems like the majority of Browns analysts are picking their team to lose to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. And they are already explaining away the loss as not important in a long, 17-game season. These people need to snap out of it already, because the truth is that the Chiefs should be fearing the Browns – a lot.

The #1 Iron Law of NFL Football is that games are won in the trenches. We saw this law in action during the Super Bowl where the Chiefs were blown out due to their depleted offensive line.

The #2 Iron Law of NFL Football is that you can’t win without a good quarterback. But, as we also saw in the Super Bowl, even if you have Patrick Mahomes that does not nullify Iron Law #1.

So, the Browns-vs-Chiefs game here in Week 1 of the 2021 season will be decided by the Browns d-line vs the Chiefs o-line. Now, imagine if you were a Chiefs fan, and you just spent the last seven months obsessing over the rebuild of your o-line. Then in Week 1, Myles Garret comes to town? And he brings Jadeveon Clowney with him? Both freshly removed from their bubble wrap? Wouldn’t you be terrified? Talk about a trial by fire…

By all accounts, the Chiefs have done a good job with their rebuild, and the Browns are also fielding a revamped d-line. So, both lines will need a few games to gel to get up to speed. But the job of an o-line is much more complicated and intricate than that of a d-line. Not only that, but the Chiefs will be fielding three rookie linemen. I predict tough sledding for them on Sunday.

Last year, the Chiefs put up 438 yards against the mediocre Browns defense, but I don’t think they will come close to that this time. Last year, Browns DC Joe Woods staffed his defense with guys acquired via pickup truck from the Home Depot parking lot: “Necesito once! Necesito once!” And Andrew Sendejo jumps in. This year, Woods actually has a whole pile of elite players to work with. Imagine what he will do, KC. Just imagine.

Last year, the Steelers learned the hard way that there is a new sheriff in town in the AFC North. This year, the Chiefs will meet the new sheriff of the entire AFC: your Cleveland Browns.