Stefanski Motivates Chiefs with “Rugby Play”

In the first half of the Week-1, Browns-vs-Chiefs game, the Browns gave the Chiefs a sound drubbing. But just before the 2nd quarter ended, Browns head coach
Kevin Stefanski called his “rugby play” where the players lateral the ball backward to each other to keep the play going. It looks more like rugby than football, and it’s not a serious play. Rather, it’s something fun to do on the last play of a game.

However, by calling this play just before halftime, Stefanski was rubbing it in, and I think that pissed off the Chiefs who then came out roaring in the 3rd quarter. Stefanski was being cavalier, and acting as if he had the game won. In other words, the rugby play is blackboard material; the kind of thing that motivates your opponent.

As much as I enjoy watching the rugby play, it might be a good idea to retire it. Even at the end of a game, your opponent just might hold onto the hard feelings for the next time around.

Having said that, the Browns did an amazing job of weathering the emotional storm after the Chiefs came charging back out of the locker-room to start the third quarter. Not only can the Browns handle the Chiefs, but they can handle them when they are fired up. Very impressive.

Note: I was bullish on the Browns’ chances in my last post. However, if you bet on the Browns, you were a winner because they covered the spread.

Note: The Browns are a great team and are going to win a lot of games this year. Just think: they almost beat the Chiefs without having their best receiver involved. And of course, I am talking about Rashard Higgins, who did quite well against the Chiefs last season.